Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Wheel of Fortune Slots Skills – Comprehensive Payout Guide

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Wheel of Fortune Slots Skills – Comprehensive Payout Guide

Staff Writer
May 14, 2020

How to Win at Wheel of Fortune Games

Among the general public, Wheel of Fortune slots are infamous for their low payouts. But is that statement justified?

In this article, we will be talking about the mechanics of Wheel of Fortune slot machines. Furthermore, we’ll explain why they have such a poor reputation. Do they really pay out poorly?

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What Are Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines?

Wheel of Fortune (WoF) slots are a phenomenon in gaming.

The exquisite, thrilling game was first introduced as early as the 1960s. Hardcore gamblers still remember them as a novelty in the sea of identical classic slot machines with one payline.

Over the past few decades, software developers created multiple-winning way video slots that should have taken WoF’s place. But for some reason, that hasn’t quite happened.

The question is – why?

On paper, WoF slots look favorable. Take, for example, their RTP (return to player) value. IGT’s Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot arrived with a good RTP of 96.60%. Considering just the value out of 100%, the payout doesn’t seem that bad.

After all, the house edge in slots can go as high as 15%. In turn, with the 4-5%, we can look through our fingers a bit, right?


The Mystery of the WoF

IGT (International Game Technology) is a London-based casino supplier established in 1975. In 1996, they launched the first Wheel of Fortune that soon became available in online casinos, too.

The global gaming leader continued to profit from the game, having unveiled several sequels. Those included Wheel of Fortune on Tour and Triple Extreme Spin.

Despite lacking almost any innovation, the games continued to rise in popularity. Even now, in the second decade of the 21st century, punters continue to flock around this cabinet – land-based and digital.

Against all odds, WoF slot machines have stood the test of time. And we’ll to figure out why.

The first logical reason might be nostalgia. Indeed, the game oozes of old-school gambling and the good old time when WoF was revolutionary. And sometimes not everything can be explained rationally. There might be a bit of good ol’ casino magic involved.

On the other hand, gamblers might pay tribute to the game that changed gambling for good.

Nowadays, video slots come with a litany of extra features and bonus games. Back in the day, there was only what we now call the “base game”. So, when Wheel of Fortune went live, huge crowds assembled for the extra slot fun.

Players got to spin more and travel to another dimension within one slot. And that was enough for punters to forever fall in love with Wheel of Fortune.

In 2010, IGT issued a report stating that Wheel of Fortune® continued to rank as a fan-favorite. Speaking of longevity!

Wheels of Fortune in Live Casinos

Wheel-spinning is a popular way to boost one’s balance. Not only is it typically rewarding, but it’s also infinitely exciting. Few things are as thrilling as waiting for the arrowhead to land on a high-paying wedge.

Plus, the feature is typically linked to a progressive jackpot. And who doesn’t want one?

Spinning the wheel was initially introduced as the original “bonus game”. It continued to expand its outreach and transcended to other types of casino games.

Live casino specialists recognized the potential of this feature and integrated it into live dealer titles.

Here are the best wheel of fortune-based live dealer games.

Dream Catcher – Evolution Gaming

Leading live casino solutions provider Evolution Gaming wrapped up 2018 with an innovative release. It was Dream Catcher, a spin-the-money-wheel live casino game with 7x bonus spin multipliers. Dream Catcher debuted as the first member of the Money Wheel family at Evolution. The wheel was manufactured by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, a famous senior partner of Evolution’s.

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Later, Evolution introduced First Person Dream Catcher, whose mechanic allowed personalized service. A dealer/host was required no more; it was the player who spun the wheel. Now you can play both of the variants by utilizing the GO LIVE button. This switch will get you through the portal connecting the First Person and Live Casino version of the game.

Spin a Win – Playtech

Speaking of super-sized wins, we could not neglect Spin a Win Live from Playtech. Playable across all platforms – mobile, desktop and tablet – Spin a Win is an enjoyable watch as it is. It’s easy to play and just gorgeous to look at. Handsome and attractive hosts and hostesses will welcome you into the colourful studio with a shining backdrop.

Play Spin a Win at QueenPlay!

In the opposite corner of Dream Catcher, we have Spin a Win, with similar winning potential and 7x multipliers. Number 40 is the most rewarding digit, with payouts 40:1. The interactive gameplay accompanies advanced video and audio settings. Additionally, players can easily access the cashier without missing out on any action happening onscreen.

Monopoly Live – Evolution Gaming

We conclude our top three picks with a branded launch from early 2019. Monopoly Live was created in collaboration with Hasbro. Offering clients enormous multiplier wins, Monopoly Live came with a great 96.23% RTP.

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Monopoly Live is playable with two bonus games – the Money Wheel Game and 3D Bonus Round. These so-called “CHANCE” segments were popularized by this game. Including 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS, Evolution extended possible exposure to sky heights. The CHANCE wedges are where you want the arrowhead to stop.

What Are the Ways to Improve Wheel of Fortune Payouts?

We singled out three simple approaches you can take when choosing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

Depending on what type of gambler you are, as well as on your budget, you should find your style. Check out the trip of top tricks and tips for winning at Wheel of Fortune slots.

1.    Play as Slowly as Possible

The first method focuses on stretching your money for as long as you can.

Providing that you have a limited budget, you should place small bets if you’re looking to stay on board longer.

Speaking of which, you should have a budget. Set your betting limits beforehand and don’t allow yourself to wager more than the set amount.

So, the first way to improve your odds in WoF is by increasing the number of rounds you play. And you can do that by selecting low-denomination machines. Let us explain why.

When you lose money, you won’t lose as much as you would wit high-denomination cabinets. That way, you’ll prolong your gambling time and stretch the timeline.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that low-paying cabinets tend to pay less. To stay on the safe side, flip through the payout table in the info section of the game.

2.    Go Big or Go Home

With your established budget, you get to decide how you want to approach the game. Remember that you have to place the maximum bet to hit the jackpot. Spinning the wheel is not something that just any punter can do. You must give something to get something in return.

Betting ranges vary from machine to machine. What’s the max bet for one can be a total average wager for another. That’s another piece of info you can find in the paytable section.

And the same principle for our tip number one applies – the more rounds you play… You know the drill.

And every time you get the opportunity to spin the wheel, do it.

3.    Choosing the Right Fighter

The rule of thumb is that smaller jackpot machines are inclined to paying more often.

Find a cabinet with a small minimum jackpot and build your way up. It’s a common belief that smaller jackpots are easier to win.

No matter what game you choose, remember one thing. There is no guaranteed strategy that you can use to win at WoF. Or any progressive jackpot slot, for that matter.

So, play wisely and trust your gut feeling. If you feel it’s time you stopped, listen to that voice.

Final Thoughts

With all that we’ve said, you can deduce one thing – there is no single strategy that you can employ to hit a jackpot.

Wheel of Fortune games, just like any slot, are powered by random number generators. Thus the outcome cannot be predetermined or predicted. You simply spin the reels and hope for the best.

So, back to your question – Does the Wheel of Fortune slot machine have low payouts?

Wheel of Fortune can pay out a lot, should you be in the right place at the right time. Waiting for that supreme jackpot and playing devotedly can pay in the long run.

Just decide on your approach – more small bets or fewer big ones – and stick to it.


However, the fact is that the more rounds you play, the bigger the chances of winning are.

But don’t rely on this maxim either. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll know nothing is impossible. You can end up losing your whole bankroll for nothing. And that’s now how you want to end your day.

Instead, if you’re on a losing streak and feel like you’re losing temper, move on. Go out, have a drink, spend time with friends. Do what relaxes you.

Tomorrow always comes, and who knows – it might be your best day ever!



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