What Video Poker Games Have Progressive Jackpots

What Video Poker Games Have Progressive Jackpots

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Updated January 13, 2022

What Video Poker Games Have Progressive Jackpots

It is, of course, always great to be dealt out the Royal Flush hand when playing video poker games online, for that will usually mark the arrival of the fixed coin jackpot when you are playing most variants of this very popular casino game.

However, there are several video poker games available online which now boast a progressive jackpot, and in this casino game playing guide we are going to be enlightening you on just which gaming platforms have such a game on offer and will show you how the games have been structured and designed.

You will have to be aware of the way in which the progressive jackpots can be won on these types of huge paying video poker games, for there is a requirement to have to wager a certain amount of cash per hand dealt out to you to have any chance of winning those jackpots

Low Stake Playtech Mega Jacks Game

If you wish to play one the low cost video poker games on which you could win a  progressive jackpot then we would suggest that you play at a Playtech software powered casino site, for when you do you will come across their Mega Jacks video poker game.

This game can be played for coin values of just 0.25 and when you play it with five coins per hand in play, which will of course cost you 1.25 per hand, you then activate the progressive jackpot element of the pay table.

By playing 5 coins hands if you are dealt out the Royal Flush hand in the final stage of the game, then you are awarded the current progressive jackpot that is displayed at the top of the screen. However, playing fewer than five coin hands will result in you winning a much smaller fixed coin jackpot payout when that hand is dealt out to you!

Microgaming Mid-Stake Progressive Video Poker Games

Should you have chosen to play at one of the many Microgaming software powered casinos, of which you are going to find a large number of them online, offering both a downloadable gaming platform and also an instant play web browser based gaming platform, you will have two progressive video poker games on offer to you.

The main different between their range of progressive online video poker games is that they come with a fixed coin playing structure and as such you will only be able to play them with the coin values fixed at 1.00. A five coin hand is required to be activated and played off to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpots on either of these two video poker games.

The first game which may interest you is the Jackpot Deuces video poker game variant, this game has a progressive jackpot that will be awarded to players when they are dealt out a Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds online, and players will need to be playing five coins hands to be awarded with that progressive jackpot.

If you are not playing five coin hands and are dealt out either the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds when playing one to four coins per hand you are awarded with 300 coins, 600 coins, 900 coins and 1200 coins respectively. All other maximum bet Royal Flushes pay out a jackpot worth 4000 coins when you are playing with five coins in play.

Microgaming also has a second video poker game on which you could walk off with a progressive jackpot and this second game is their SupaJax video poker game. This is another fixed coin game on which the coin values are not adjustable and as such you will need to play with the coins fixed at values of 1.00.

When you play five coins hands a special additional winning payout becomes activated on the pay table and that is going to award you with the progressive jackpot when it is dealt out to you. That winning hand combination is the 4 x Jack cards along with the additional card in the deck that being the SupaJax card.

A hand containing four Jacks and the SupaJax card will only award the progressive jackpot when playing five coin hands, if it is dealt out to you when you are playing one to four coins per hand you are simply awarded with the respective four of a kind winning payout as listed upon its pay table.


The jackpots on offer on all progressive video poker games can of course be won at any time, however you should always play these types of games by using the correct strategy in regards to which cards you hold and which you discard.

There is a special option setting attached to most video poker games which is known as the auto hold setting, and by locating it in the game options setting menu and activating it as soon as you have set the games in motion and have received your initial five card hand, the video poker games will instantly hold the very best cards for you based on the correct playing strategy for the version of video poker you are playing.

So if you are new to playing video poker and are not 100% sure of which are the best cards to hold then make sure you turn on the auto hold feature and that will guarantee you are playing every single base game hand dealt out to you optimally and perfectly!



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