What Video Poker Games are Suitable for Low Rollers

What Video Poker Games are Suitable for Low Rollers

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August 24, 2014

What Video Poker Games are Suitable for Low Rollers

As many of our website visitor’s love playing the game of video poker, we have put together this guide which will enable those of you out there who like playing for low stake amounts to be able to easily locate the best variants of video poker to play.

We have some helpful playing hints and tips which are worth making a note of, and by utilizing them it should enable you to have extended playing sessions and make your slightly reduced gambling bankroll stretch as far as it possibly can do!

Should I Play Single Hand or multi Hand Variants?

Obviously if you are playing at any online casino with only a limited amount of casino credits in your account you should avoid playing the multi hand variants and stick to playing the single hand variants, as when playing the former you will be required to play multiple wagers on each game played to cover all of the hands dealt out to you!

However, you do need to fully understand that the pay tables attached to all video poker games will determine whether one game is a better version to play than another as each pay table will affect the payout percentage of the game.

If you enjoy playing Microgaming’s suite of video poker games then be aware as a low rolling player you should play their All Aces video poker variant which when played correctly will return a long term house edge of 99.92%.

You should avoid at all cost their Deuces Wild video poker variant as the single hand variant which is probably the variant you may be attracted to play due to the wild cards in the deck, has a lower paying pay table attached to it and that RTP is 96.76% as opposed to the pay table on their multi hand game which returns a payout percentage of a much more generous 99.37%!

Jacks or Better is one video poker variant most players love playing, however when you are looking to play this variant for low stakes or in fact high stakes you are best off making your way to a NetEnt software powered online casino site for their version of this hugely popular game has a more generous pay table attached to it than all other gaming platforms suppliers, and their variant pays back 99.56% over the long term which is a tad higher and more appealing that the industry standard pay table that only returns 99.54%.

If you are playing at a Playtech powered casino site then the single hand variant of their Aces and Faces game would be a great choice of game more so when you learn the difference the pay tables attached to this and their multi hand variant returns as their payout percentages! The single hand game when played perfectly offers a payout percentage of 99.26% and the multi hand variants payout percentage is just 95.44%!

What Video Poker Games Should Low Rollers Avoid?

There are several video poker game variants that will be out of the financial reach for low rolling players, and it is often the progressive variants that are going to be way too expensive for these players to play.

The reasons why they are expensive games to play is that the majority of them force you to play for fixed coin values, and with many of them having 1.00 fixed coin settings, and with players only ever getting a chance of winning the progressive jackpot when playing five coins per hand, the stakes required to play them with the progressive jackpot hand live and in play will of course be a high 5.00.

You will also find some video poker variants that go by the name of level up poker games, these games will require players to put into play not that standard one single wager per hand they play, but four of them, this is due to the multi level playing structure of these games which come into play as soon as a winning combinations is dealt out.

Having to put into play four stakes per hand played will be too expensive for more players so these are sadly video poker games that all low rollers will be best off avoiding!

Take Part in Video Poker Tournaments

As a low rolling video poker player it may be worth your while taking a look at each of our reviewed and approved online casino sites, for you will find a handful of them offer regularly video poker tournaments, and these can be a very cost effective way to play these types of game online.

You will often find video poker tournaments are free to enter and will have a range of real money prizes up for grabs, and even those tournaments that require an entry fee will have entry fees set very low, and by taking part in several of them you will get an extended playing session and with some luck and skill you could pick up a fairly substantial winning payout.


As a low rolling video poker player you should always try to get as much value out of your gambling budget as you possibly can, so do consider taking casino sites up on their ongoing promotional offers such as reload bonuses and even cash back video poker promotions, as by doing so you will hopefully get many more hands dealt out to you with those bonus credits or will get something back off a cash back bonus if you bust out!

Obviously the most important aspect of playing video poker games for any stake amount, whether tiny stakes or high rolling stakes s that you find a variant with a low payout percentage and always play each initial hand you have been dealt out perfectly. You will often find turning on the Auto Hold Feature will negate the chance of you ever making any errors in regards to which cards you discard from your initial hand!



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