What Percentage of the Wheel do Roulette Bets Cover?

What Percentage of the Wheel do Roulette Bets Cover?

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April 23, 2014

What Percentage of the Wheel do Roulette Bets Cover

The following article may be of interest to a lot of casino game players who enjoy playing Roulette, as we have mentioned on our other Roulette related articles, you are always best off playing the single zero variant as the house edge on that game is much lower than on the double zero variants.

However, if you are mathematically minded and wish to know just how much of the actual Roulette wheel you are covering when placing different types of bets, then do keep on reading for we will reveal these facts and figures to you!

High-Paying Roulette Betting Opportunities

Let us start by enlightening you on some of the most popular bets placed on a Roulette wheel betting layout, the one which every player will place at one time or another is the Straight Up bet, this is where you place a chip on just one single number and are paid out at odds of 35 to 1 if that number is spun in, when playing just one single Straight Up bet you are covering 2.70% of the wheel when you place these types of wagers.

Another very popular bet placed on a single zero Roulette wheels betting layout is the Split Number bet, when you place this wager you are paid out at odds of 17 to 1 if either of the two numbers you have chosen spin in, and you are covering 5.40% of the wheel whenever you have placed just one single Split bet.

If you choose to place a three number bet which are commonly known as a Street Bet then you will be awarded a winning payout at odds of 11 to 1 should any of the three numbers chosen on these types of bets spin in and when you place such a bet or place any three Straight Up bets on the betting layout you are covering 8.11% of the Roulette wheel.

The Corner bet is one on which you will be covering 4 numbers located side by side on the Roulette wheels betting layout, and this wager when placed and when one of the four numbers then gets spun in you are rewarded with a payout worth 8 to 1, the percentage of the Roulette wheel you are covering with one of these types of bets or four individual Straight Up bets or two Split bets is 10.81%.

Next let us move onto the 6 Number bet which is also known as the Double street bet, you are covering 6 numbers every time you place this kind of wager and will receive a 5 to 1 winning payout if any one of those six numbers gets spun in and the amount of the Roulette wheel you are covering when placing a 6 number bet or when placing a total of six Straight Up bets or three Split bets the amount of the wheel you are covering is 16.22%

Lower Paying Roulette Betting Opportunities

Finally we shall now take a quick look at the amount of the Roulette wheel you will be covering when you place one of the lower paying bets on a single zero Roulette wheel, the Colum and Dozen  bets allow you to have twelve numbers covered on the Roulette wheel when you place one of these types of bets and when you get one of your twelve numbers spinning in the payout odds you are rewarded with is 2 to 1, you are covering 32.43% of the wheel when you place either a Column or any of the three different Dozen bets.

The lowest paying bet you can place when playing Roulette are the even money paying positions, these include the Red / Black, Even / Odd and the Low / High betting positions, when you place this type of wager you are going to be covering 48.65% of the single zero Roulette when and are paid out at odds of even money if any of these bets are placed and then any of the numbers spin in.


Choosing which bets to place when you are playing Roulette is of course up to yourself, you may wish to place low variance types of wagers such as the even money payout bets, or if you are looking for a high risk yet high reward type of playing session then stick to placing Straight Up bets for those 35 to 1 payout odds can soon turn a small wager into a high winning payout if your numbers keep on rolling in!

One thing that you should do however, no matter what type of bets and wagers you wish to place at the Roulette tables is to only ever playing the variants which offer you the best chances of winning and these are always going to be the single zero variants such as French or European Roulette, avoid at all costs playing the Double Zero Roulette games such as American Roulette for the house edge on those games are very high compared to the single zero variants.

If you are new to playing Roulette online then do feel free to checkout our range of online casinos that you will find named and reviewed all over our website, for you will be able to play their Roulette games at no risk to see if you actually enjoy the way they play and more importantly pay!

One final word of advice is to never play the Roulette games which force you to place any type of bonus bet for when you play those particular variants the payout odds on certain numbers or certain combinations may appear high and generous, but you will find the house edge on those types of wagers are high and that means they are very poor valued bets and can quickly eat your bankroll up, so do be warned!



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