What Makes a Comp Club More Rewarding?

What Makes a Comp Club More Rewarding?

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Updated March 28, 2023

What Makes a Comp Club More Rewarding

If you often feel like you are not getting the best rewards, bonuses and promotional offers as a real money player at any online casino site you regularly play at, then it will be about time that you start hunting around or a new casino site at which to play at.

The reason for us saying that is that due to the sheer number of online casinos available to you one thing you will soon discover when you do shop around for a new casino site at which to play at is that with competition being so strong between each casino site there are some very generous deals to be found, not only by way of new player bonus offers but ongoing bonuses and rewards too.

One of the most common ways for an online casino to reward their real money players is via a comp club, and when you play at any casino site and you are playing for real money each wager you place win or lose will see you being credited with comp points, when you have enough points accumulated in your comp club account you will then be able to sswp them for playing credits.

Types of Online Casino Comp Clubs

Comp clubs are going to be on offer to you no matter where you decide to play, however as soon as you realise the many different ways those reward schemes work and operate you will be in a much better position to discover which ones are going to give you more cash and bonus credits back based on your level of play.

Most casinos will have a fairly standard comp club and as such when playing at such a site you will be awarded with a set number of points based on how much you wager, and those points simply accumulate n your comp club account that you can access at any time of the night of day.

However, we have seen a sharp increase in regards to what are known as multi-tiered comp clubs and as such if you are prepared to give those particular casino sites offering such a comp club lots of your real money gaming action then you will earn more comp points and get some much better redemption rates too.

It will also be dependent on your gaming action as to how many comped playing credits you will earn, so if your deposit doesn’t last long then you are unlikely to earn many comps points than you would do if you have lots of play time from your deposits!

Redeeming Your Comp Points

The way in which most casino comp clubs work is that you will be able to access your comp points and redeem them simply by launching the banking interface at the casino site you are playing at.

However, some mobile and online casino sites may have a standalone website that you will need to access to check just how many comp club points you have accumulated and it will be via those websites where you are going to be able to redeem your comp points for playing credits.

One thing that you should keep in mind however is that some casinos will award your comp points redeemed credits as cash credits so you will have no restrictions in place in regards to what you can do with those credits.

However, some other online and mobile casinos sites may award your credits as bonus credits and when they do you will have some play through requirements attached to those bonus credits, so you will have to reach those play through requirements before you can cash anything out of your account!


If you do tend to play very regularly any type of real money casino game online then due to the high volume of wagers that you will be placing on your gaming sessions each week or month you are going to get access to the best comps when you play at a casino site offering a multi-tiered type of comp club scheme.

As you work your way up the levels of that comp club which you will naturally doing due to the sheer amount of cash you are wagering, then you will often find you earn more points per wager and you will also be given some much more beneficial and preferential redemption rates too.

If you tend to spread your gaming action around several different casino sites then you will dilute the value of the comps you will be earning, so try and stick to playing at just one online casino site and make sure that site does have a multi-tiered comp club that gives you access to better redemption rates and more comp points per wager placed as you will be better rewarded for your gaming action!



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