What is the Best Way to Audit my Real Money Gaming Action?

What is the Best Way to Audit my Real Money Gaming Action?

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Updated October 11, 2022

What is the Best Way to Audit my Real Money Gaming Action

Many casino players like to keep detailed logs of every single real money gaming session then have, in any playing environment, and that may be something that you are thinking about doing too, if so then the following guide will show you how you can go about doing just that.

What you could go about doing is listing the casinos you play at and then making a note of all of the deposits you have made and also all of the withdrawals you have made too, and then by doing so you will be able to see if you are up or down over the lifetime of your play at any online casino site.

However, many players like to keep even more detailed logs of their gaming session and to be able to do so then you will need to play at a casino site that gives you access to your real money gaming logs whenever you want to have access to them.

Not all casinos do allow their players to access their real money gaming logs online and to be given access to them you will need to request your logs be sent out to you. However, when you play at a Microgaming powered casino site you do have access to lots of gaming logs as described below.

Cash Check

When playing at any Microgaming software powered casino site, either via an online instant play, downloadable or even hen accessing one of their mobile casino apps you are going to find a button called Cash Check when you log into your casino account.

By clicking onto the Cash Check button you will then be able to see an overview of all of the deposits you have made into any one Microgaming powered casino site, the time you made each deposit, the amount you deposited and you will also find the status of all withdrawals you have made too.

That is a handy feature to make use of for it will save you having to write down each deposit and withdrawal you have made, and by making use of the Cash Check self auditing feature you are always going to get an overview of just how good or bad you are doing at any casino site that has that audit featured on offer!

Play Check

Play Check in another self auditing facility that is also available to any player who decides to log onto and start playing at any online or mobile casino site that uses the Microgaming software platform or their apps and also offers their entire range of casino games too.

What Play Check allows you to do is to instantly pick out any one single real money gaming session playing any one casino game, and then get a detailed overview of the outcome of every single game you played during that gaming session.

You will be presented with the time you played each game off, the stakes you played for, the starting balance and ending balances and also the outcome of the game itself.

If you are the type of play who does want to ensure they always have access to some of the most detailed of gaming logs, then I would encourage you to play at casinos that do use Microgaming software platform as for by doing so you can make use of both the Cash Check audit facility mentioned above and also the Play Check audit feature too.


It can often be quite an eye opener when you do gamble online at any online or mobile casino site in regards to how much you may have lost over any given time period, and as such one thing that I would strongly advise that you do as an online or mobile player is to set yourself some limits.

Most casinos these days will allow you to pick from a range of different gambling limit option settings when you log into your account via the real money log in version of the casino as opposed to the free play log in.

By making sure that you do set yourself some deposit limits and/or loss limits then as soon as you have lost a certain amount or made a certain amount of deposits the casino software is not going to allow you to make any additional deposits.

It is quite easy to get very carried away these days when sat at home gambling at any mobile or online casino sites, and by setting your own personal gambling limits you are never going to be tempted to make additional deposits which you could lose, so make sure that you do set yourself some limits and always stick to those limits too!



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