What is the Best Stake to Play Keno Games for?

What is the Best Stake to Play Keno Games for?

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Updated October 11, 2022

What is the Best Stake to Play Keno Games for

Keno is a simple casino game on which you are faced with simply trying to predict numbers that are going to be drawn out of the Keno machine, and the more numbers that you predict correctly the more you stand to win.

Most Keno games have 80 balls numbered from one right through to eighty in the neo machine, and 20 of them are drawn out of that machine on each game you play off. Players can often pick from one to fifteen numbers, and can also pick one of several different stake options to have in play too.

If you are wondering just what the best stake to have in place when playing Keno games, that is of course a decision that you will have to make alone, but keep in mind that the amount of cash you can win when playing such games can be huge, dependent on just how many numbers you predict correctly.

Due to the rapid fire way Keno games play, I would suggest that you keep your stake levels down low, ideally try and configure each game you play off in such a way that you are placing just one hundredth or one two hundredth of your available bankroll on each single game as that way you will get at least get 100 or 200 games out of your bankroll!

Different Number Options Have Different RTP’s

It s important for you to fully understand that every single possible number grouping that you can place a wager on when playing any type of Keno game, will come with its own unique payout percentage.

Therefore for you to have the best chances of winning more over the long term you need to make a point of finding out what those payout percentages are, and then set about only placing the number groupings that have the very highest payout percentages.

One bet that you should never place when playing any type of Keno game is a one number bet, for with there being 80 numbers in the keno machine and only twenty of them being drawn out of the machines on each game you play the RTP of that bet is shockingly low, working out at 75%!

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find out what each number groupings respective payout percentage is, so make sure you look that information up before you do start to play or you may end up selecting a number grouping that has a very low long term payout percentage as opposed to a very high one!

Unique Variants of Keno

For those of you out there who fancy aiming for a massive jackpot then consider giving some of the range of progressive Keno games some play time, for you never know your luck may be in and you could hit the big one!

IGT have a few unique variants of Keno available and one of their Keno games you could enjoy playing is the Cleopatra Keno game. When playing that game if the last number drawn out of the Keno machine helps you form a winning payout then you will win a set of 12 free games!

There are also some Keno games which, when you form a winning combination on the first set of 20 balls drawn out of the machine will then give you the option of paying another stake to have a few additional balls drawn out, and as such those extra balls could help you form an even higher paying inning combination!

There are bound to be plenty of different Keno games that you will never have seen or played before at most casino sites, so always do have a good look through the unique games menu as that is where they can often be found listed!


I often find myself getting extremely bored when playing Keno games, for you can often play such games for hours and never win anything of any significance!

As such if you do fancy playing Keno games online, but do not want to end up getting bored stiff, I would suggest you consider playing one of the more unique variants that have some form of additional bonus game on offer on them.

Whilst some Keno games have nothing more than a base game, there are a handful of casino sites that have a range of different Keno game variants that can and do offer some type of bonus game or at the very least a built-in bonus feature.

Those games will give you something of a much more exciting and entertaining type of gaming session, rather than one you can and may just get quickly very bored of, so hunt around and look for those bonus game awarding Keno games when you get time to!



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