What is the Average Payout Percentage on Slot Games?

What is the Average Payout Percentage on Slot Games?

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October 13, 2016

cabin-fever-slotAnswering slot players questions is something we have been doing for many years via our large and very varied range of slot playing guides and articles that you can access for free and at any time throughout our website.

If you do have any questions about how slot games work, play and operate then we do invite you to take a look through our website for there are bound to be many different articles and guides you will find very interesting, and our slot game reviews and casino reviews will allow you to find the best slots to play and the best casino sites at which to also play those slot games online at!

One question we do get occasionally asked however is what is the average payout percentage that online slot games have been designed to return to players.

The answer to that question is around the 94% to 96% range, however one thing you should keep in mind and fully be aware of is that the long term expected payout percentages can and will vary not only from casino to casino but also from slot to slot, so knowing how much any slot game has been set to return to players via its payout percentage is important!

How to Find Out Payout Percentage Information

There are three different ways that any online or mobile slot player will be able to easily and quickly find out what the payout percentage any slot games they are thinking of playing have been set to return.

Many casino sites are now obliged by their license issuer to have a full and comprehensive listing of each of their available slot games on their website and alongside each slot they are obliged to list the long term expected RTP’s of each slot they do have on offer.

However, some other casino sites do not list the payout percentages for all of their slot game on their website instead they list them all on the pay tables of their available slots, so that is where you are going to have to look to find out that information.

One final place to look when you are on the hunt for the payout percentages of any slot game you may be considering playing will be on the help files of each individual slot, it may obviously take some time for you to work your way through every single slot finding out that payout percentage information but it will certainly be time well spent!

Understanding Slot Game Randomness

It doesn’t matter what so ever at which of the online or mobile casino sites you choose to play at that we have showcased for your around and throughout this website, we can guarantee those slot games will be completely random in their design.

That means that as a player whilst you do have the chance of experiencing some very short and losing slot playing sessions, but with a little bit of luck you could very easily achieve some huge paying and some much longer slot playing sessions.

Every single time you click onto the spin button to send the reels of any online slot game spinning a random number is then requested from the random number generator attached to that particular slot.

The random number chosen will then be turned into a winning or losing spin by the software, and as each slot will have its own long term expected payout percentage you will find anything can and will happen on each spin you play off, and the next jackpot spin may be one single spin away on the slot you are playing!


Today’s online slot players are a very savvy bunch, for they will always be aware that the vast majority of online slot games have been designed with some much higher long term expected payout percentages that most land based slots.

As such by moving their slot playing over to the online playing environment they do have a much greater chance of winning. However, that will only ever be the case if those players actively make the effort to track down and play the slots which the highest payout percentages.

All fully licensed and regulated casino sites will make their payout percentages available to their players and potential customers and they will do so by either listing them all somewhere on their website or they will list each individual slot games expected payout percentage somewhere on the pay table of each slot or even on the help files attached to many online slot games.

So make sure you tack down and find out how high or how low those payout percentages are, as that will certainly ensure you know which the best slots are to play online and which ones should be avoided and never played!



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