What Casino Bingo Games Can I Play Online?

What Casino Bingo Games Can I Play Online?

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November 30, 2014

What Casino Bingo Games Can I Play Online

Whilst you may initially think that the only way that you are going to be able to access and play bingo online is by signing up to and then playing at an online bingo site, you may be interested to learn that some online casinos offer a unique casino styled version of bingo.

The way in which these casino bingo games work is slightly different to playing bingo in any other environment for instead of you have to take your chances against lots of other players, these casino bingo games are single player games and as such you will be playing them on your own with no other players having the chance of calling bingo before you do!

If you fancy a change from playing any of the hundreds if not thousands of casino games you can access online then keep on reading for we shall now introduce you to you one of the most played casino bingo games, and this game can and does award players with some very large winning payouts.

Ballistic Bingo

You will find the Ballistic Bingo game exclusively in the gaming suite of casino sites that utilize Microgaming software, this game is one on which you are able to purchase up to eight different bingo tickets per game and the stake levels of which you can buy those tickets for are fully adjustable by players, so if you wish to play for very low and modest stake amounts then you can do  just that however you will have the option of playing for tickets costing 5.00 each if you are a high rolling type of player!

This particular bingo game is played with a set of 90 bingo balls in the machine and every ticket you buy will have no more and no less than 15 numbers printed up on them, those numbers will always be randomly selected and will of course be any of the numbers from one to ninety inclusive.

Once you have chosen how many tickets you wish to buy and the stake levels you wish to play for and have purchased your tickets then you simply need to set the game playing which is done by clicking the New Game button.

The bingo ball machine will then fire up and will start to fire out one ball at a time which will automatically be crossed off your bingo ticket for you. However, there is a completely different playing structure in play on this game which you need to be fully aware of before you play it.

The game is being played as a full house game only and as such you will need to get all 15 numbers marked off any bingo ticket you have purchased and have put into play to be a winner, and you are guaranteed to get all 15 tickets marked off one of your tickets as all of the 90 bingo balls will be drawn out of the bingo machine!

But there are a range of bingo prizes on offer which are awarded dependent on just which number ball you call bingo on, if you call bingo in 85 balls or more then you will not win a cash prize and instead you will have lost that game!

The fewer balls called out of the bingo machine that it takes you to get all of the 15 numbers marked off any one single ticket you have purchased and put into play the more you stand to win, for example if you mark off all 15 numbers in 40 balls or less drawn out of the bingo machine then you will be awarded with a winning payout worth 5000 times the price you paid for that winning bingo ticket!

The other prizes can be quite substantial too for getting all of the number crossed on any on ticket in 50 balls or less will see you being awarded with a winning payout worth 750 times the price you paid of the winning ticket and get a full house pattern formed in under 60 balls drawn out and the winning payout awarded to you is 75 times the price paid for that winning ticket!


You are going to find the Ballistic Bingo game in the Unique or Variety Games menu in any Microgaming powered casino site and it will be worth you occasionally taking good look through the list of games in that part of the games menu as there are dozens of very unique games on offer many of which you will never have seen or played before and if you enjoy playing scratchcard games online there will be plenty of them on offer too!

As you are able to play any of the unique variety games at Microgaming powered sites for free then why not give this unique casino bingo game a little time for free to see if it is the type of game you would also like to play for real money, once you get to understand its unique playing structure you will realise you have much more chances of winning playing this game than you ever would playing bingo at an online bingo site.



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