What are the Best Video Poker Games to Play?

What are the Best Video Poker Games to Play?

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May 22, 2014

What are the Best Video Poker Games to Play

Should you ever be in a position where you wish to play casino games online, but are struggling to think of just which type of games to play, never forget the Video Poker games! For not only do Video Poker games have high payout percentages, but they also have some large jackpots on offer.

Today we are going to help you select some of the best Video Poker games to play online. There are dozens of different types of this popular card based game available at most casinos, and to the untrained eye they all may appear similar. But due to every variant being designed differently, there are some games which are more playable than others!

Easy to Understand Poker Games

Let us start by introducing you to some of the easier to understand and play Video Poker games. The aim of any variant you play is to use your skill and judgement to select which and how many of the initial set of five cards you have been dealt to hold, in the hope that any additional cards dealt out to you will help form a winning combination.

The very first Video Poker game that was designed and launched was the Jacks or Better game, this has to be the easiest game to play, for all you need to do is to get a hand forming that consists of a pair of Jacks or higher to receive a winning payout.

Jacks or Better when played in most online and land based casinos will return a payout percentage, when you play perfectly of 99.54%. However, the best paying variant is the game available at NetEnt software powered casinos, for this returns a slightly higher payout percentage of 99.56%.

Be aware that to make playing any Video Poker game even easier you will often find a special player adjustable control known as the Auto Hold option. By turning this on, you will find the game will automatically hold the best cards from the first five dealt out to you, which means you never veer off playing perfect strategy, so make sure you always have this option switched on!

Video Poker Game with the Highest Payout Percentage

There is one Video Poker game variant that is going to give you the best return on your stakes, and this is Microgaming’s All Aces game. You will find this game available on their download and instant play platform, but do be aware that it is not available on their mobile gaming platform yet!

By turning on the Auto Hold option we mentioned previously, and by playing five coins per hand then over the long term you will be playing against a great paying game which should return to you, based on the pay table, a payout percentage of 99.92%, which are far higher than any other online Video Poker game variant.

It should be noted that if you play this game at some Microgaming powered sites then additionally you will be accumulating comp points as you do so, and dependent on which casino you are playing at, and based on how generous their comp or loyalty club is, you can get an even better return when you redeem your accumulated comp points for free chips!

Always Check the Pay Tables!

One aspect of playing Video Poker online that you need to be aware of if you choose to play at an online casino that is powered by the Real Time Gaming software platform that you need to be aware of is that the operators of those sites, are able to put into play one of three different pay tables on their Video Poker games.

This therefore does result in not all RTG casino sites offering Video Poker games which are going to offer the same long term expected payout percentages. So whenever you play at any Real Time Gaming casino make sure you check out which pay tables are in play and attached to all of the Video Poker games you are thinking of playing.

There is nothing underhand about these casino operators having the ability to change the pay tables on their Video Poker games, for many RTG sites give away huge bonuses to their players constantly, and to compensate for those bonuses they offer slightly reduced pay tables on all of their games, including the Video Poker games!

Video Poker Games Offer Massive Jackpots

The progressive Video Poker games are going to be the ones you should consider playing should you want the chance of winning big! There are several different types of progressive variants offered, and it will be dependent on which software companies games are powering and are available at the casino at which you are playing as to which variants you will be able to access and play.

Playtech and Microgaming software powered sites have the most played progressive Video Poker games on offer and these games include the Mega Jacks, SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces variants. One aspect of playing these variants that you do need to be aware of is that when playing them you have to play five coins per hand!

Many Video Poker games offering a progressive jackpot have just one hand combination listed on the pay table that awards the progressive jackpot, but in most cases a max bet stake is required to activate that combination on the pay table.


Whilst you are going to find more than enough different types of Video poker games to play online, including lots of variants that offer additional features such as Wild Cards and Gamble features, it is the long term expected payout percentage that makes one variant more playable than another.

You should always checkout the pay tables and also find out just which variants offer what payout percentage when they are played perfectly, for by doing so you can avoid playing the lower paying variants and play only those that give you highest RTP’s and the best winning opportunities!



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