What Are the Best Stakes to Play Classic Slots?

What Are the Best Stakes to Play Classic Slots?

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Updated December 21, 2021

One category of online slot game that many players can quite easily overlook is those which have been designed as 3 reel slots. The reason why many players will then to give these slots a very wide berth when they see them being offered at an online casino site is that they tend to be very basic looking and playing slot games.

However, there can be many benefits of getting stuck into playing 3 reel slot machines, for many of them not only offer very high jackpots, but thanks to the very high payout percentages many of them have been designed to return to players, you will always have the maximum winning chances should you manage to pick out those higher paying slot games and give them any amount of play time!

As you may never have experienced the delights of playing 3 reel slot games then in this slot playing guide we shall take a look at how they have been designed and will enlighten you as to what are the best stakes you can play them for, to give you an increased chance of winning big if you do finally decide to give them a whirl!

Bonus Game Awarding 3 Reel Slot Games

Should you fancy giving three reel slot machines any amount of play time online then you will of course need to locate and find a casino that is offering a large and varied collection of them. With that in mind it will be beneficial for you to log onto one of our featured online casino sites that utilize the range of slot games from Microgaming.

Microgaming have a large selection of different three reel slots and unlike many other casino game and software companies some of those three reel slots offered at Microgaming powered casino sites come with an additional bonus game which you can trigger when playing them online.

One thing to point out about Microgaming’s range of three reel slot machines on which a bonus round can be triggered and awarded to you is that they all have been designed as single payline slots, and to be able to trigger the bonus round you need to first be playing the maximum number of coins on that one single payline, and then spin in one of the bonus symbols on the third reel.

The Wealth of Wealth slot game is one slot form Microgaming which may be of interest to you as this slot has a wheel spinning bonus game which can be triggered as soon as you spin in the bonus symbols on the payline of reel number three when you ate playing maximum bet base game spins.

There is another slot game from  Microgaming which has a three reel playing structure and one single payline and an additional bonus game can be triggered and this is the Sizzling Scorpions slot game, what makes this slot highly playable is that the bonus game which can be awarded to you is a racing themed one which when triggered.

By spinning in the bonus symbol on the third reel when playing maximum bet spins will see you having to pick one of three scorpions in the hope the one you have selected wins a race which will be played off on the bonus game screen.

In regards to all of Microgaming three reel slots of which there are several other which have some form of bonus game on offer you will need to always play maximum coin spins to have any chance of triggering the bonus feature. The coin values on those types of slot games are fixed and as such whilst you can adjust the number of coins on the single payline you cannot adjust or alter the actual coins values you are playing for!

Single Payline Classic Slot

The vast majority of online slot games which have three reels and only offer you the chance of playing one single payline will often come with an enhanced jackpot payout, but only if you spin in the jackpot paying reel symbol combination when playing three coin spins.

If you choose to play these types of slots which can offer one, two and sometime three coins per spin options on the single payline, but fail to play the maximum number of coins per spin then you will find the jackpot payout which can be awarded to you will be much lower than it would be when playing maximum coin spins.

So it does go without saying that you should always be playing these types of slot games with all of the coins per payline live and in play to get the maximum inning opportunities, and by playing maximum coin spins you will, over time get close to the expected payout percentage that those slot games have on offer.


It is always worth looking at either the game play rules or the pay table of any three reel slot game and making note as to whether there are any bonus games on offer on the slots you are thinking of playing or whether there are any enhanced jackpot payouts on offer.

If so then you really should be playing those slots in the way described on the pay table for you to have the maximum chances of winning and winning big when playing those slots. As most three reel slots you will come across online will have a range of different coin values you should always play for coin values and stake settings that will give you a fair number of base game spins based on your available gaming budget.



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