What are the Best Playtech Video Slots?

What are the Best Playtech Video Slots?

Staff Writer
January 14, 2017

flight-zone-slotAs soon as you sign up to any online casino site and then start to scroll through their slot game menu you are going to find you can get very overwhelmed with the sheer number of different types of slot game on offer at those sites.

That is something that most players will experience when for example they sign up to a casino site that uses the Playtech range of slot games, for there will be hundreds of different slot machines available to you at those sites.

You could always and only select a few of them to play and thanks to the way Playtech design their slots no matter which one you do play you will find they all offer something different via their staking options, playing structures and/or bonus games and bonus features.

However, we do unknown there are a huge and growing number of slot players out there who have learned that the only slots they should be playing online are those that have been configured and designed with the highest payout percentages.

It is with that in mind he following guide will enlighten you on which slots you are going to get the best payback form over your long term play when playing at any online casino size offering Playtech's huge and impressive suite of games.

Best Paying Multi Stake Playtech Video Slots

If you are seeking slots that you can configure to play for low, medium or even high stake amounts then one game we think you will have a ball playing is the Desert Treasure slot, this is one of their 20 payline video slots which offers a free spins bonus game but much more important has a very high and very appealing long term expected payout percentage of 97.05%!

Another multi-stake and fully configurable slot game on offer at all Playtech software powered online casino sites that you may just love playing is the Dr. Lovemore slot, even when playing this slot game for low stakes you can win big thanks to it being a slot with a fairly high valued jackpot, a low variance type of playing structure and also a slot that has been set to return a payout percentage of 97.01%!

Video Slots from Playtech with High RTP’s and the Best Bonus Games

Let us now move onto showcasing to you the Playtech designed and supplied slot machines that you will find offer not only the highest payout percentage but also the slots on which the most entertaining and most exciting bonus games and bonus features can and eventually will be triggered.

The A Night Out slot is a 20 payline slot from Playtech which has one of the most unusual of bonus games, this is a slot boasting a low to medium type of variance and as such is a slot that many players will find very appealing.

The one outstanding aspect of that slot machine however is that it has been designed and configured in such a way that over the long term its RTP is going to be 97.06% which is one reason alone that you really should be making an effort to track down and play that slot online!

One slot game that we do always enjoy playing online is the Playtech designed Rome and Glory Stats: be aware though this is something of a high variance slot but that does mean you could win very big at any time when playing it.

The slot comes with expanding scatter symbols and a free spins bonus game and in regards to its payout percentage that has been set at some 96.08%. We would suggest you play any of the above slot games for free initially as that way you will see for yourself just how much different a high payout percentage makes to the playability of such slots!


It may not seem that important if you have no experience in regards to playing slot machines and slot games online just how high or low the payout percentages have been set for as each slot is random you could experience a good run of luck when playing any of them.

However, as most players do tend to play regularly at online and even mobile casino sites then over time you will find that by sticking to playing only the highest paying slot games those being the ones with the highest payout percentages then you will get much more play time from your bankroll.

Plus with slot game bonus and casino comps being on offer and awarded to you when playing online, the more play time you do get the most additional extras you will earn, so do consider making use of the bonus as that way you will earn even more playing credits via the casino comp clubs!



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