What are the Best Games to Play with a Bonus?

What are the Best Games to Play with a Bonus?

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Updated December 1, 2021

What are the Best Games to Play with a Bonus

As you can claim some huge valued bonuses at all online casino sites, then one question that is sure to come into your head having claimed one or more of them, is just what games are going to be the best ones to play, with those bonus funds to get the best chance of winning.

The one major aspect of any casino bonus that you have or claimed or are about to claim is that there will be something that is known as a play through requirement attached to each of them, and it is that piece of information you will need to find out and then judge whether it is a fair bonus to claim or simply a way for a casino to get you to deposit, award you with a bonus, but make it very hard for players to actually cash out with a bonus.

Below we have listed several different categories of online slot games that would be ideal ones to play when you have claimed a bonus, however do red through each section to ensure you find out what makes one bonus more appealing than another!

Playing Video Poker Games with a Bonus

Some of the best playing video poker games you can play online in regards to the payout percentages those games play out to are video poker games. However, be aware that you are going to have to ensure that any bonus you claim does allow you to play video poker games as there are some bonuses that you can claim which will not let you use them on video poker games, due to the high payout percentage!

However, if you do find any bonuses that can be used to video poker games then you will have plenty of choice in regards to the games you can play, Make sure that you checkout the All Aces video poker games offered at Microgaming powered casinos as that game has a payout percentage when played optimally of a huge 99.92%!

You should always check the pay table on any video poker game you are thinking of playing with a bonus as there can often be an enhanced payout for maximum coin players of those games, and if so then make sure you always play with the maximum number of coins in play per hand as you will then get the maximum value and more importantly the maximum winning chances from your bonus funds!

Blackjack Games worth Playing with a Bonus

Whilst not ever bonus you can claim will allow you to play Blackjack games with those credits, if you can claim a blackjack game bonus then as long as you select the games offering the lowest house edge and also play each hand dealt out to you perfectly and optimally then you will always lock in plenty of playing value and could win big off those bonus game credits.

With that in mind the bets blackjack games you can play online which boast the very lowest house edges when playing perfectly are the Classic Blackjack single hand variant offered at Microgaming Casinos and also the Blackjack Switch game which you will find readily available at Playtech Casinos.

The house edges you will find those two games have attached to them when played optimally are 0.13% on the single hand Classic Blackjack game from Microgaming, and 0.16% on Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game.

What are the Best Slots to play with a Bonus?

The only slot games you should every consider playing with a casino bonus are those on which you will find the very highest payout percentages, and by high we mean those slots on which the RTP’s have been set at over 99%.

Whilst it is going to be a time consuming task hunting down the payout percentage found on any slot games offered at any casino site you are playing at, once you do discover this information then you should always make a beeline for those high paying slot games and use them to play off your bonus credits.

Never start playing any just slot game when you have bonus credits in your casino account before that you have made sure the slots you wish to play can be played with a bonus, as some bonuses are only allowed to be used on certain slot games. However it is always going to be the higher paying slots you should be looking to play!


As long as you make sure any bonus you do claim comes with a fair set of terms and conditions which include a low set of play through requirements and certainly no maximum cash out limit in place, then you should always have plenty of winning opportunities and increased fun and entertainment when you claim casino bonuses online.

But always remember that the biggest numbers of complaints by players at some casino sites revolve around bonuses, and we always recommend that any player thinking of claiming any bonus should familiarize themselves fully with the terms and condition of each bonus they claim.

As long as you follow the bonus rules and the terms and conditions at any of our featured online casino sites then you are guaranteed to never run into any problems at those top rated casinos, so do have a look around our website as we have full reviews all of the leading casino sites and have fully reviewed each one of them!



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