What are Slot Race Promotions?

What are Slot Race Promotions?

Staff Writer
November 20, 2016

The success and popularity of Mega Moolah have transitioned superbly over to mobile devices as well.

You will always find online and many mobile casino sites have a range of different promotional offers available to their players, and whilst many of those promotions are self explanatory such as bonus offers and set of free spins you may come across some that you have never seen or utilized before.

Take for example when you see any casino site offering you a Slot Race promotion. If you do come across such a site then if you are a fan of playing slot games online it may be worth your time and effort entering that Slot Race for there is a chance that by doing so you could pick up a large cash prize for doing so.

How a Slot Race is designed is such that by playing a range of different slot machines for real money as chosen by the casino site then you will be earning comp point in the standard way at those casino sites, however there will be a range of cash prize on offer to the players who manage to earn the most comp points during the promotion.

Whist it does tend to be the players that have the largest bankrolls available who can continue to keep on playing for real money and therefore accumulate the most comp points thanks to their high volume of slot playing action, every player will have a chance of winning a cash or bonus prize if they experience a long winning streak and accumulate lots of comp points!

Standard Slot Tournaments

If you do not fancy taking your chances on a Slot Race promotion but are more interested in taking part in a more standard type of online slot tournament then let us now give you an insight not how a standard slot tournament runs and operates.

You will first have to register to take part in such a tournament and that will see you often being able to do so for free if you are about to enter a freeroll slot tournament or on some other tournaments you will be required to pay an entry fee.

Once you have paid that entry fee you are then going to be given a set number of minutes to play off your entry and you will then be awarded with a set number of tournaments credits. As soon as the slot tournament goes live you then have to play the tournament slot a quickly as you can and all winnings you achieve when playing the tournament slot during the tournament slot are turned into points.

The player or players who score the most points during the slot tournament will be awarded with the associated cash prize depending on which position on the slot tournament leader board they finished!

One Shot Slot Tournaments

Many online slot tournaments are designed and structured in such a way that as soon as you have taken your initial entry you can pay an additional fee and either take your initial entry again in the hope you score an even higher number of tournament points of you can pay an additional fee to carry on playing from the point you finished your initial entry.

When you do choose to pay the additional fee to carry on playing your timer will be reset and you will be awarded with another set of tournament credits and any additional points you score will be added onto your initial entries points’ total.

Those types of slot tournaments are often won by players who keep on paying to carry on playing and as such they do have an unfair advantage over players who can only afford to pay for one initial entry only.

With that in and or a much fairer chance of winning a slot tournament online consider taking part in a one shot slot tournament on which all entrants get one entry only and cannot purchase a continue and cannot pay to retake their initial entry a second time!


There are also a huge number of different types of slot tournament that you are going to be able to take your chances on and many of our rated and approved casino sites have them available throughout the day and night too.

So please, if you are interested in learning more about the many different types of slots tournaments you can take part in online then have a good look round our additional playing guides and articles.

In fact, some of the weekly and monthly slot tournaments that you can win a free entry to or even pay to enter offer life changing cash prizes if you are the lucky player who manages to make it to the top position on the leader board, so try and get involved in as many of them as you can do for the cash prizes are always there for the taking and someone has to win them!



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