What are Progressive Jackpot Seed Values?

What are Progressive Jackpot Seed Values?

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August 9, 2016

What are Progressive Jackpot Seed Values

You may often hear or come across terms and phrases relating to online slot games that you have never heard before, and as such we are more than confident if you ever do hear or come across a phrase or term and you want to know its meaning then you will find the answer somewhere in our website!

One type of slot game you will always come across no matter in which casino site you choose to play at are progressive slot games, those are the slots on which the jackpot or jackpots continue to grow in size as more and more players play them.

Those jackpots will of course eventually get won and when they are won then the jackpot is awarded to the winning player and the jackpot which then be reset to something known as its seed value.

The seed value is simply the value of the jackpot that the jackpot will then start to grow from once it has just been won, the seed values on all progressive slot games are going to vary and with that in mind we shall now present to you some of the most popular progressive slots and give you an overview of each of their respective seed values.

3 Reel Progressive Slot Game Seed Values

Let us give you a quick run through of the progressive slot game seed values that you will find attached to the slots which are part of Microgaming’s range of progressive slots.

The following slots are available as three reel slots, however what you will also find is that some of these slot games are also available as video progressive slots, but both slots of the same name do share the same progressive jackpot prize pools and as such the seed values are the same.

The Major Millions slot boasts a 1.00 fixed coin value however you do need to play maximum stake and payline spins to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and as soon as it is won the jackpot will be resent to a seed value of some 250,000.00.

The Fruit Fiesta slot is one of the lower cost progressive slot games you can play as the coin values and the maximum stake per spin is low in size and that does of course mean that the seed value of the progressive jackpot is quite low in size too and the seed value of the Fruit Fiesta slot for reference is 800.00.

One other slot game you may enjoy playing if you want to have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot is the LotsaLoot slot game and this slot is available as a 3 reel slot and the seed value available on it is 2,500.00.

Progressive Video Slot Game Seed Values

As there are four randomly awarded progressive jackpots on offer on the Mega Moolah series of slots and we shall now give you a quick run through of each of those jackpots seed values, the Mini Jackpot seed value is 10.00, the Minor Jackpot seed value is 100.00, the Major Jackpot has a seed value of 10,000.00 and the Mega Jackpot has a huge seed value of some 1,000,000.00!

There is a quite old progressive slot game which you may enjoy playing and that slot is the Treasure Nile slot however its jackpot is quite large and its seed value for reference is an impressive and large 40,000.00!

One other progressive slot game from Microgaming that you could win a large fortune on if you are lucky enough to win its progressive jackpot is the King CashaLot slot and its jackpot payout will reset to a seed value of some 100,000.00 once it has been won!


Due to you now knowing what the jackpot seed values are on a range of different online progressive slot games that will enable you to take a look at the list of those types of slot game offered at any online casino site and to be able to see for yourself just how much the jackpots have increased by in value since they were last won.

You should keep in mind however that progressive jackpots can occasionally be won in very quick succession by one or more players, and as such never be put off playing a progressive jackpot if its jackpot has been won recently, and with some luck in playing you could win the current jackpot in a single spin.

However, as soon as a progressive jackpot does grow in value to a huge amount of cash you will find more and more players do tend to get stuck into playing it which in turns means the jackpot will grow even quicker than it usually does, and the more overdue a jackpot is the more chances there will be of it being awarded to a player sooner rather than later!



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