What are Level-Up Video Poker Games

What are Level-Up Video Poker Games

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April 18, 2016

deuces-and-joker-4-play-power-pokerThere are lots of different variants of video poker that you can now play online and also on any type of mobile device, and what the main attraction of video poker games for players is, is that they are often the very highest paying casino games offered at casino sites due to the long term expected payout percentages that their respective pay tables can return to players.

However, each category of video poker games will offer lots of different variants but they will be designed in a certain way, you will find that when playing at Microgaming powered casino sites you will have the ability of playing single hand video poker games, multi-hand video poker games and also some brand newly structured video poker games which you may never have played before.

Those new games are collectively known as level up video poker games, and as you may have never have played them before in this guide we will be taking a look at how they have been designed and how they play and pay, so read of as you are likely to find them very appeal games to play online!

Increasing Payout multiplier

By placing a wager onto any level up poker machine you are forced to pay four times the usual amount of the stake levels you are playing for.

Those stakes can be lost on any stage of the game, so read on to get a better understanding of the way these types of video poker machines are designed.

When you have placed your initial bet then you will of course need to be dealt out a winning hand on the first stage of the game, if you lose on that initial hand all four of the stakes you placed are lost!

However, if that first hand in a winning one you receive the winning payout and you then get to play another hand, however if that hand wins you are paid out with a x2 multiplier, if that hand loses you lose that stake and the two additional ones you place, the first one being a winning hand of course so those stakes have not been lost.

By you getting a winning hand on each of the four hands you will be playing off the multiplier value grows in value, the initial hand pays x1, the second hand pays x2,  the third hand pays x4 and the fourth and final hand you may end up playing off is paid out with a large x8 multiplier in play!

Maximum Your Bankroll

We are great believers that as a real money casino game player and especially those who want to play games such as level up video poker or in fact any type of casino game, you should always be rewarded for playing those games at any online casino site.

We are of course aware that some casinos do look after their players thanks to generous bonus offers which are available when you initially sign up to some casino games, and you will always find that all of our approved casinos site are going to be giving you lots of ongoing promotional deals and bonuses too as a way of rewarding your loyalty to those sites.

Also jeep in mind however than bonuses are a way of extending your gaming play and you will always be tied into play through requirements when using bonuses on any type of casino games, and as such if you would prefer to have the ability of cashing out at any point in your gaming session then you should consider not taking any bonuses being offered to you as you can then cash out at any time you like!


If you do like what you have just read and you fancy playing some different variants of level up poker games them please spend a little bit of time looking through our guide to Microgaming casinos, for we have listed in that guide a large range of quite different casino sites that use their gaming platforms.

Plus, as part of our criteria for selecting the casinos sites to include n that section of our website we have chosen the casinos that offer the best valued casino bonus offer and casinos that tend to give their players access to the best valued ongoing promotional offers too.

You will of course also find that when playing Level-Up Poker games for real money at any of the Microgaming powered casinos site we have listed you will be earning comp points and will often find he reception rates for turning points into playing credits are very generous at these feature sites.

As you can play those games for free initially if you do fancy getting stuck into playing them why not spend a session or two playing for free to evaluate how to play the games optimally and see if they are going to be ideal games to play for real money.



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