What are Free Waves Bonuses?

What are Free Waves Bonuses?

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Updated January 11, 2023

What are Free Waves Bonuses

We would urge anyone who has not yet started playing slot games online or via a mobile device to have a look at some of our featured NetEnt casinos, for each of those casino sites have a huge suite of slot games but they can instantly be accessed via a no download required gaming platform.

So by signing up to one of those casino sites you can sample a range of different slot games instantly and with no delays to allow you to judge if playing slots online is comparable or even more exciting that playing them in a land based casino for example!

One thing that will very quickly become apparent when you do start playing NetEnt slots is that there are lots of video slot games available on which bonus games and bonus features can and will eventually be triggered, and one bonus game you will find attached to a handful of slots is a Free Waves bonus round.

That bonus round in our opinion is a very exciting one to watch playing off and with that in mind below you will find out which slots have it on offer and how that bonus game works when awarded to you!

Free Wave Bonus Game Features

When you play a slot offering a free waves playing structure and format you will notice that on the base game of those slots and also when the bonus games have be triggered and awarded do you the reels do not spin and stop in the usual way for they offer a very different type of playing structure.

By clicking onto the spin button on one of those types of slot games the reel symbols will wash up onto the screen much like a wave will wash upon the shoreline of a beach and as such the reel symbols drop onto the screen from the top to the bottom of the screen and then will fill up all of the in view reel symbol positions on the screen as they do so.

When you have formed a winning payout the winning matching symbols are removed from the screen after your winning payout has been credited and new symbols drop down onto the screen so you get a chance of triggering and being awarded with even more winning payouts.

The way a free wavers bonus game will work and operate is that you are going to get awarded with a number of free spins which play off using the free wave playing structure so on each one awarded do you it is possible to form lots of winning payouts!

Which Slots Offer Free Waves Bonus Games

The one slot game we have found which does have the free waves bonus game on offer is the NetEnt designed Beach Slot game, and the name of that slot give an indication of the theme of the slot too! For it is set of a hot sunny beach and as such you will find plenty of related reel symbols in play on the slot.

We have found that slot game to offer a very high payout percentage ad when playing it you could win a huge amount of cash not only from the base game but also from the free waves bonus game too. Being a multi-stake slot you can always sample it out for low to high stake levels and if you simply want to play it for free you can do just that too.

Being a no download instant play slot game so you will never have to spend any amount of time when you want to play it downloading an entire suite of games from the casino site you have chosen to play it at!


The more slot games you actually get stuck in  playing online the more likely you are to find your own personal favourites, and it is very true to say when playing slots which award some form of standalone bonus game such as a set of free waves they are going to be exciting slots to play.

One thing worth remember about all of the slots we have reviewed and also very other slot games mentioned in our playing guides is that they are certified as being random, and random slots will obviously award completely random amounts when you are playing off their bonus games.

So keep in mind, that when you do trigger a free wave’s bonus feature you will never know whether the bonus game is going to be a very high paying one or a low paying one until you play off the very last free wave awarded to you.

So try and sample playing as many slots as you can with various different bonus games, for it only will take one high paying bonus game for you to be in the money, and that is what every slot playing is always going to want to do when playing slots, end their session in profit!



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