What are Bet Ways Slots?

What are Bet Ways Slots?

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May 3, 2016

thunderfist-slotYou are always going to find some differently structured slot games when logged into any online casino site and you will often find some of the more recently launched slot games appealing, usually due to their themes, their available bonus games or simply the playing structures attached to those slots.

When you choose to play at any online casino site that has on offer the range of NetEnt designed and supplied slot games you will find those slots always are unique and they are going to be accessible to you via an instant playing gaming platform.

So there will never be the need to download an entire suite of games and a gaming platform onto your computer if you wish to play them! However, what you will find if you choose to play their range of slot games are a range of slots that are known as Bet Ways slot games.

When playing those slots unlike on the more traditional video slots you will never have the choice of how many paylines you can activate and put into play, for when you click on the spin button to send the reels spinning every possible payline will then be in play!

Why Play Bet Ways Slots?

There are several different reasons why we think you are going to love playing Bet Ways slots, the first as mentioned above is that you have no choice in regards to the number of paylines you can activate, and that may sound strange and you may be a fan of playing optional pay line slots!

However, when you play a Bet Ways slot from NetEnt every single payline will then be in play on each spin, and if you are playing a slot which boasts five video reels and one each reel there are three visible reel symbols that means you will have 243 pay lines or ways to win in play on that slot for each base game spin you play off.

But the way in which you will be staking that spin is unique, for you only have to pay a small increment of coins to have all 243 ways to win in live play, which is going to be much cheaper than when you have to wager each pay line individually.

How Do Bet Ways Slot Award Payouts?

The way to look at the reel symbols when you are playing a Bet Ways slot is that they will be awarding you with winning payouts when you have enough matching symbols on the first few reels.

Take for example a symbols that awards a cash payout for spinning in three or more of those symbols in a line, well when playing a Bet Ways slot as long as you have three of those matching reel symbols anywhere in view on reels one, two and three then you have formed a winning combination no matter in which position on those three reels they land.

Also as many Bet Ways slots boast wild symbols you will find those wild symbols can help you form multiple winning combinations depending on how many of them have been spun into view and also where they land on the reels.

Plus, with bonus games also on offer on Bet Ways slots all players’ winning chances will be increased when they manage to trigger those bonus games which can include things such as sets of free spins which can be re-triggered and also pick to win bonus games too. So do be on the lookout for these brand new types of slots as they can be fun to play slots and slots that can payout large amounts of cash too!


If you have not yet joined the many thousands of players who love nothing more than playing NetEnt’s range of Bet Ways slots then keep in mind that you are going to be able to play those slot game online via an instant play gaming platform and without the need to risk any money playing them online.

For they are available as both free to play slots and reel money slots, so if you have found the above overview of Bet Ways slot games interesting and wish to put some of them to the test then that is what you can do at any casinos sites that have NetEnt slots available and can play them at no risk to see if they playing and pay in a way you find appealing.

Just keep in mind that the staking options are fully adjustable on Bet Ways slots so even if you do decide to play them for reel money you are going to find plenty of different staking options to play around with that will make them affordable slots which can and will suit both low stake and high stake players too!



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