Ways to Grind Out a Casino Bonus

Ways to Grind Out a Casino Bonus

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July 26, 2014

How to grind out a casino bonus

With so many casino players currently having to reduce often quite dramatically their gambling budgets, we are seeing more and more players who are opting to utilize casino bonuses offers each and every time they fund their casino accounts online, to maximize their winning potential and give them slightly longer and enhanced gaming sessions.

However, there are many different pitfalls and traps that casino players can fall into when playing with a casinos bonus and you do need to be aware of them all before simply grabbing as many bonuses as you can!

So with this in mind we have put together this bonus playing guide which should alert you to the many different rules and terms and conditions that you could fall foul of when playing at any online casino in the hope you will become a much more informed player and will be able to carefully select which casino bonuses are offering you true playing value.

The Art of Grinding Out a Bonus

When you see a casino bonus on offer, you need to first of all go through the terms and conditions line by line, for this is where any potential traps will be exposed! Grinding out a bonus simply means that you are going to play the highest paying games with your bonus in the hope you make it to a point where you can withdraw your winnings.

You should be looking for a bonus that has some low play through requirements first and foremost. A play through requirement is simply how many times you will have to churn over the bonus and often your qualifying deposit before any funds in your casino account can be withdrawn.

The best type of play through requirements are those attached to just the bonus and not the deposited amount, and those play through requirements that require you to play through your bonus less than thirty times.


Be aware that it is very likely that different casino games will come with different play through requirements, so once again check the terms and conditions to make sure that if you wish to play Blackjack for example with a casino bonus that the Blackjack variants available at that casino site can be played with a bonus, and take note of any increased play through requirements!

Other very important bonus playing rules to look out for are any rules which limit the amount of cash that you can actually win when playing with bonus funds. We have seen a very sharp increase in casino sites that will now impose a maximum win amount that you can win when playing with a bonus and anything over and above that limit is voided out and removed from your casino account!

One final thing to be aware of when claiming and using a bonus is that often a casino will put in place a minimum and maximum stake amount that you can play each game for when you have a bonus in your account. Should you play one single game lower than the minimum bet or higher than the maximum amount permitted then any winnings achieved will be voided instantly!

Which Games to Play with a Bonus

As mentioned above you will have to be 100% sure that the games you wish to play when claiming a bonus are permitted ones, and if so then below we have highlighted several games which due to their unique design and their house edges and payout percentages would be ideal games to play when using a bonus as they will give you more chances of winning and hopefully reaching the play through requirements of the bonus you have claimed.

Video Poker games do come in many different variants, and the pay tables attached to video poker games are often the telling factor in regards to just how high paying those games are. One game always worth playing with a bonus if allowed is the All Aces games found in Microgaming powered casinos, as that game has a payout percentage if you play it perfectly with no game playing errors of 99.92%.

If you are playing at a Playtech powered casino then make sure you give their Multi Spin Slot Games some play time if you wish to play slots with a bonus awarded to you, for that category of slots are famed for having the very highest long term expected payout percentages, so you should get lots of extra winning combinations forming on the paylines when playing those slot games.

Importance of the House Edge

Many casino card games are often famed for having tiny house edges and therefore offer players more winning chances. Always study the playing rules of any Blackjack game you are playing as it is often the case that Blackjack variants are by far and away the best paying casino card games on offer.

When playing Blackjack such as Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack game, if you play it perfectly with the best playing strategy in pace the house edge on that game is just 0.13%, and if you are allowed to play this game with a bonus then it is a game that is going to give you the very best chance of reaching the play through requirements of a bonus if it is card games you wish to play.


It is quite important that as an online casino player you pick and choose just which casinos you play at carefully. Whilst all of our listed casino sites will offer you plenty of bonus and promotional offers which come with very fair terms and conditions and play through requirements, there are some sites out there that have shocking terms and bonus rules!

In fact you will often come across some online casinos that will try and find any excuse not to pay a winning player who has won when using a bonus! So please play responsibly and stick to our approved casino sites, for you do not want to have to make getting paid when using a casino bonus a double gamble and one that many not pay off!



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