Virtual Racing Casino Games Proving Popular

Virtual Racing Casino Games Proving Popular

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September 24, 2014

Virtual Racing Casino Games Proving Popular

You will often find that when you are not having much luck at an online casino, occasionally by swapping the type of games you usually play and have been playing to a range of games that you may never have played before your luck can often turn and you may manage to make back some of the losses your endured during the initial part of your gaming session!

With this in mind we would like to showcase to you a range of what are known as Virtual Racing games, these type of games are beginning to make their way into several online casinos gaming suites and can be quite fun to play and with a little bit of luck on your side, they can be quite profitable games to play also!

Virtual Racing games actually first appeared in land based bookmakers shops and betting offices in the UK several years ago. They are computer generated races and can feature horse races, greyhound races and even motor bike and motor car races.

The idea behind these games was that when the weather turned bad in the UK, which happens a lot, and horse and greyhound races were cancelled due to the bad weather, then by offering these Virtual Races betting shops could remain open and will give their customer something to bet on!

How Virtual Racing Games Work

The way that Virtual Racing games works is quite straight forward to understand. If for example you are playing horse racing based Virtual Races then long before a race is due to be run the software will automatically pick a list of runners for each race. Each race will be allocated its own virtual jockey, its own racing form and the software will also decide what type of horse race will be run.

Once a list of runners for that race has been decided then a set of payout odds will be allocated to each runner in the race. The odds attached to each runner will be determined at random, and the chances of each virtual horse winning that race will ultimately be determined by its odds.

A random number generator is used to determine the outcome of each virtual horse race run. However, the way that random number generator is configured is best compared to a raffle. For example the favourite horse in the race that of course being the one with the lowest payout odds attached to it will have more entries into the raffle than the outsider in the race that being the one with the largest odds attached to it will have few entries into the raffle.

So every horse running in any virtual horse race does have a chance of winning if the random number generator selects that horse, but the horses with the lower odds, much like in a real horse racing environment do have a slightly better chance of winning or getting placed in a virtual horse race!

Virtual Racing Betting Opportunities

Once again it is going to be dependent on what type of Virtual Race you choose to bet on as to the actual number of wagering opportunities you will find on offer. If you are betting on a Virtual Horse race then you are going to be able to place a win bet and if your chosen horse wins then you will be paid out as per the amount of your bet and the odds you took before the race go under way.

You will also be able to place something known as an Each Way or Place bet, this is a bet on which you will get paid out if your horse finishes in one of the first listed winning positions in a horse race, the odds you are going to be paid out at will always be displayed on the screen before the race starts.

The best aspect of placing a bet on any type of Virtual race is that there will never be any Stewards Enquiries or Objections once the race has been run, and if you are placing a bet on a horse race that is over the jumps or over hurdles then none of those cyber horses are going to fall!

Have a look though our online casino site reviews for we are aware a great many of them now offer a standalone selection of Virtual Racing games and you can always sample them for free if you want to see just how fun and enjoyable they can be to play!


If you do fancy giving some of these Virtual Racing games a little play time then we would advise you to check through our listing of online casino sites and then visit their respective websites, for you will find these games are usually set aside and are available as standalone games.

In fact you are more likely to find them on offer at casinos run and operated by UK Betting companies, as just like their land based betting shops they will have these games on offer and they will be up and running and available to play for free or for real money twenty four hours a day, so unlike the land based betting shops they do not stop running!

Remember the games are completely random and as such it will probably be best for you to not put too much effort into looking up the form on each runner in the race as it will be the random number generator that determines which runner is going to win the race and then what horses are going to fill all of the other positions in the race!



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