Which Video Poker Games are worth Playing?

Which Video Poker Games are worth Playing?

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December 13, 2013

Which Video Poker Games Are Worth It?

There is one way that you can ensure you are always going to have the best chances of walking away from an online casino showing a profit and that is simply by you opting to sit down and play those games that have the very highest long term payout percentages.

It is an open secret that by far and away the best types of online casino games you can play are the Video Poker games, thanks to the simple way they play and operate and more importantly the payout percentages attached to these types of casino games, you are going to find them the best paying games and games which offer you the most winning opportunities when playing them.

There are of course a large and growing number of Video Poker games readily available online, and what separates each of them is the pay tables, the pay tables list the exact number of winning hand combinations that can be awarded to you along with the associated payouts awarded whenever you play these games and are dealt certain hands.

Below are the top paying Video Poker games, should you be looking for the best chances of winning then we can highly recommend any of the following Video Poker games as they are the best ones you can sit down to play.

Top Paying Video Poker Games

Before we present to you the best paying online Video Poker games you need to be fully aware that you need to know how to play every initial base game hand dealt out to you to get to as near the payout percentages listed as is possible.

When playing any Video Poker game check whether that games has an Auto Hold option, and if so turn it on, the Auto Hold feature will automatically hold the best cards in the initial hand and as such you will be playing perfectly strategy without having to know how to play every single hand dealt out to you!

All Aces Video Poker

You will find the All Aces Video Poker game variant waiting for you in the downloadable Microgaming platform, as far as online Video Poker games go this particular variant, when played perfectly will return a payout percentage of an enormous and very appealing 99.92% and therefore is the one game you should be tracking down and playing for the maximum winning opportunities.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

You will find a variant of Jacks or Better Video Poker offered at most if not all of our featured casino sites, irrespective of the casino software platforms they are using. The standard industry pay table that you should be looking for is the one which returns a payout percentage of 99.54%.

However be aware that certain multi hand Video Poker game variants will have a slightly worse pay table attached to them, one example is the 10 or more hand version of Playtech’s Jacks or Better game which returns a much lower RTP than the single hand variant!

So when playing at a fully licensed and regulated Playtech software powered casino sites ensure that instead of playing a Jacks or Better Video Poker game which returns a payout percentage of 97.30% which you will be getting when playing their 10 hands or more Jacks or Better variants you stick to playing their single hand variant which returns the industry standard 99.54%!

Real Time Gaming Video Poker

As the owners of casinos utilizing Real Time Gaming software are able to put into play one of several different pay tables on all of their Video Poker games, then we would advise you to always check the pay tables on offer at these casino sites before playing them.

By playing at RTG Casinos with the best paying pay tables you will find some huge differences in regards to the payout percentages offered when comparing them to sites offering lower paying pay tables.

Take for example the Real Time Gaming Bonus Poker game, there are three different pay tables that can be attached to this game and the difference between the three pay tables in regards to their payout percentages are as follows: The best paying pay table will return a payout percentage of 99.17%, the mid ranged pay table returns a payout percentage of 99.07% however the worse pay table will return a payout percentage of just 98.96%.

Tens or Better Video Poker

Should you decide to play at any online casino that uses the Betsoft Gaming software, the best paying Video Poker game they currently have on offer is surprisingly their Tens or Better Video Poker game which comes with a payout percentage due to the payouts awarded and listed via its pay table of 99.14%

Please be aware that the Jacks or Better video Poker game offered at Betsoft Gaming powered casinos has a low paying pay table attached to it and as such it will return a payout percentage of 98.25% and not the industry standard 99.54%, and as such if you do play at any site using this 3D software platform stick to the Tens or Better Video poker game variant for the best winning opportunities and the very highest payout percentage!

Rival Video Poker Games

You will not be overwhelmed with the choice of Video Poker games on offer at all Rival software powered casino sites, for they only have a small collection of these types of gaming machines available.

However when it comes to tracking down the Video Poker variant offered at a Rival powered casino sites then the one game that should be at the top of your list of games to pay is their Jacks or Better game offering a payout percentage of 99.54%

Other Video Poker games from Rival that may be worth a look at include their Deuces Wild Video Poker game variant which has a pay table offering a payout percentage of 99.37% along with their Aces and  Faces Video Poker game variant that will offer a payout percentage of 99.26%.



You really should forget about playing most online Video Poke variants and choose to only play Microgaming’s All Aces Video Poker variant. The huge payout percentage on 99.92% on offer on this game is going to ensure that you always have the very best winning chances when playing it!



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