Understanding All Ways Structured Slots

Understanding All Ways Structured Slots

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June 11, 2014

Understanding All Ways Structured Slots

Slot games that are available to play online do keep on changing in regards to what unique features they have on offer, which is why playing slots online is so very exciting, for you are always going to come across brand new games you may have never played before.

However, there is a new generation of slot games which have started to be rolled out on the online gaming environment which have new playing structures, and these can often be quite confusing to players who have not come across them before!

These slots are often known as All Ways slot game, and the main difference between these types of video slots and any that you may have played before is that you have to play a set stake amount to play them (which can be increased but only in increments of the minimum stake amount), and when playing these All Ways slot games you are playing hundreds or occasionally thousands of paylines!

Below we have listed the most commonly available All Ways slot games which you are going to find readily available at the majority of our featured online casino sites. Have a look through this listing for each slot comes with a unique playing structure and we are more than confident you will find at least one of them that will appeal to you directly!

243 Ways to Win Slots

The very first type of All Ways slot games that appeared online were the ones on which one stake amount would set into play 243 ways to win. These slots are easy to spot for on each reel you are able to see three reel symbols on all five reels.

The way in which these types of 243 ways to win slots are structured is that every single permutation of win line is in play for your staked amount which is often just 25 or 30 coins.  If you are wondering how the 243 win lines are worked out you simply times 3 by 3 five times and that gives you the answer 243!

You are going to be able to trigger bonus feature rounds on any of the All Ways slots listed on this slot playing guide much like you would when playing any standard video slot which has bonus games on offer, so expect to find free spins bonus games, pick to win bonus games and additional base game features such as Stacked Wild symbols on many of these newly structured All Ways slots!

720 Ways to Win Slots

There are not that many 720 ways to win video slots offered online, but you will come across several online casinos that offer a small collection of them. These slots have a very unusual looking slot game screen!

You will find that on the vast majority of them the visible reel symbols on each reel are different, for example on reel one you will find 3 visible reel symbols on the second reel there will be four visible reel symbols, on reel three there will be five visible reel symbols and on reels four and five there will be three and four visible reel symbols respectively.

For reference if you multiply 3 by 4 by 5 by 4 by 3 that gives you 720! Once again a set number of coins must be set into play to play these types of slot games and winning combinations can be formed from left to right on the slot games reels.

You will also find much like any other All Ways structured slot game when playing the 720 ways to win slots you can trigger and be awarded with all manner of base game and bonus game feature rounds, and each game will of course come with its own unique theme!

1024 Ways to Win Slots

The next category of All Ways slot games that you will come across are those that offer you 1024 ways to win each time you set the five reels into play. These slots are quite easily to recognise for you are able to see four reel symbols on each reel.

With 4 reel symbols on each reel by multiplying 4 by 4 five times you do of course arrive at 1024, and like all other All Ways slots one set stake amount or any increment of that stake amount is required to play all of those ways to win.

The easiest way to work out which paylines are activated is to look at each reel symbols as a scatter symbols, and as long as you have one of any type of matching reel symbol on the first three reels you will have a guaranteed winning combination.

3125 Ways to Win Slots

The final All Ways slot games you will come across are those that offer players 3125 ways to win per spin. These slots have 5 visible reel symbols on each payline and they do of course offer a plethora of different themes and different bonus feature rounds.


The one thing that you have to remember when playing any of these new All Ways structure slot games is that you will be forced to play them for a certain minimum stake amount per spin of the reels you choose to make.

Whilst playing any of these All Ways slot may appeal top you due to the sheer number of paylines you will be playing, always remember that each slot game designed as an All Ways slot is going to be set to payout a certain RTP.

The RTP is the long term payout percentage, and the art of finding the perfect All Ways structured slot game to play is to simply hunt around and find the ones which have the highest payout percentage, for irrespective as to how many ways to win those slots have on offer, the higher the payout percentage the more chances you will have of winning on them!



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