Top 7 Cluster Pay Slots

Top 7 Cluster Pay Slots

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Updated October 31, 2023

cluster pay slots

Where some slots require you to arrange a strict number of symbols into fixed payline combinations, the cluster pay system allows for chaotic fun. All you need to do is group symbols together and watch them pop and award you delicious winnings. Note that these types of slots are usually also accompanied by cascading wins of some kind allowing for even more fun combinations. If you did not notice already we love cluster pay slots and we hope you do too because we have prepared a list of some of the best ones. Here is our top 7 cluster pay slots list filled with titles with exciting extra features from top-ranking slot developers.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints – Netent

space wars slot

The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot by Netent represents the line-based cluster pays. Players can score wins by arranging a number of symbols in a horizontal or vertical line cluster. These space critter clusters are accompanied by an excellent science fiction-inspired visual design. And all those little space gadgets you can see are not just for show, each of them is a special mechanic in the game. Between the blasters, zappers, and bombs, you will be removing unnecessary symbols from the board in no time and adding wilds instead. And you can even combine these bonus mechanics together.

Did we mention this game also has an avalanche feature? On winning combinations, new symbols will fall into position to fill the reels. These avalanches can chain together to create multiple winning combinations per spin. Mix that in with the previously mentioned bonus mechanics and you got yourself a chaotically fun slot experience. Not to mention that you will also be collecting so-called Power Points for free spins. Delve into this feature-galore Space Wars Power Points slot by NetEnt and enjoy a 96.05% RTP with a 10020x maximum win.

Horror Hotel – Relax Gaming

horror hotel slot

Up next on our list is the Horror Hotel slot by Relax Gaming which is a more traditional cluster pays experience. Mainly, the player can arrange the symbols in any combination as long as they are touching each other. Pretty straightforward and with a Hotel Transylvania-inspired visual theme, albeit more grim horror. Horror Hotel, however, takes an interesting approach with its cascading win system. Whenever the player wins, instead of winning symbols disappearing, the non-winning ones are removed. The victory symbols then change into mystery symbols and the board is repopulated for additional wins.

Taking aside beautiful Halloween and horror visuals, the base game could use a little more mechanics for different symbols. That being said, it is a very worthwhile slot with well-rounded payouts and a good hit rate. Additionally, the free spins mode is quite explosive with thrilling multipliers that increase with each spin. Prepare for very high volatility, a 96.17% RTP value, and a maximum win of 20000x your bet in this monstrous Quickspin title.

Rise of Olympus – Play’n GO

rise of olympus slot

Play’n GO’s Rise of Olympus slot is an interesting one because it is essentially 4 games at once. The standard gameplay mechanics and math behind the slot are identical to Play’n GO’s Moon Princess release as confirmed by them. And both of these games have the “100” version with new additions. Therefore, based on your visual and thematic preference, this entry will count for both games.

Be that as it may, the Rise of Olympus slot is a Greek-myth-inspired cluster pays game where each Greek god has a special ability for the reels. Hades can transform symbols, Poseidon can add wilds, and Zeus can remove weaker symbols from the reels. All of these abilities are exciting additions to the standard cluster pays system and trigger randomly. They can even be combined once a special meter is filled.

Additionally, Rise of Olympus also sports a great RTP value of 96.50% with a 5000x the bet maximum win. It is a well-rounded slot with great mechanics and beautiful graphics. If the anime-inspired Sailor Moon theme suits your style better, then we recommend you also check out Moon Princess by Play’n GO. As we mentioned, these two games are built on the same mechanics, just different visual styles.

MexoMax! MultiMax – Yggdrasil Gaming

mexomax slot

For an Aztec-themed cluster pays slot we recommend MexoMax! MutliMax by Yggdrasil Gaming. This chaotic slot played in the depths of an ancient jungle will keep you on your toes both visually and gameplay-wise. The visuals are dark and gritty and they are accompanied by a huge board where cluster pays to leave a wild symbol and increase multipliers. The dropdown win system can therefore benefit greatly from this multiplier system when you chain multiple wins together.

All the fun of the base game is cranked up to eleven once free spins trigger. During free spins, not only will you score drastically increased multipliers, but you will also trigger treasure chests with exciting rewards. For those who like high-risk high-reward, there is also the gamble feature when you trigger free spins. You can gamble for more of them but you also risk losing the whole bonus. Overall, MexoMax is an excellent example of a good cluster pays slot and should be checked out by everyone.

Monster Superlanche – Pragmatic Play

monster superlanche slot

Pragmatic Play’s Monster Superlanche is our comedic relief inclusion for the list. Make no mistake, however, even though this slot is highly adorable and cute, it is by no means a joke when it comes to quality gameplay and mechanics. All the symbols look like slimy and gooey little critters that form cluster wins. The trick is that the cascading wins system in this game is done in reverse. Instead of winning symbols disappearing, they remain and the other symbols are removed. This is done until there are no more winning symbols dropping down and the maximum reward for that symbol is awarded to the player.

This is accompanied by increasing winning multipliers that range from 2x to 100x. These multipliers are especially showcased in the free spins mode where it can get a little chaotic tracking all the symbol wins. The RTP value of the game is 96.03% which is not too shabby and this value is accompanied by a maximum win of 5000x the bet. Pretty standard numbers all things considered, but the true entertainment value of Monster Superlanche lies in the adorable audio and visual design. So if you like your cluster pay slots to have charismatic characters, then this Pragmatic Play release might be for you.

Golden Glyph 2 – Quickspin

golden glyph slot

For a more Egyptian theme, have you ever tried the Golden Glyph 2 slot by Quickspin? It features a massive 7×7 reel board with a 96.09% RTP and a grand maximum payout of 29500x. Numbers aside, this desert and hieroglyphs-themed slot features tons of interesting cluster pay mechanics such as colossal symbols and power-ups. As in any cluster pay game players will be arranging upwards of 15+ identical symbols in groups. But each time the reels spin, the Power Glyph feature can trigger.

These special features include adding gigantic wilds to the board or increasing multipliers. If the quantity is more your cup of tea, the Power Glyph can also add upwards of 11 wilds on the reels if you are lucky. There is also the Patters of Horus feature that will remove unwanted symbols from the board in a specific pattern. There is something for everyone in Golden Glyph 2 from bonus features to beautiful visuals. You can even buy the bonus with special Golden Glyphs already active. Doing so will cost you from 50x to 275x your bet depending on whether you want 1, 2, or 3 power-ups active respectively.

Star Clusters Megaclusters – Big Time Gaming

star cluster slot

Last but not least we have the flashy and stylish Star Cluster Megaclusters by Big Time Gaming. While this cluster pays release does not bring what other entries on our list bring visually, it more than makes up for it in mechanics. This game has a unique cluster pays system where winning symbols split into smaller versions of themselves. This means that the opening 4×4 reel system can potentially turn into an 8×8 board. Players need to land at least 5 identical symbols in a cluster for this Megaclusters feature to activate.

The Megaclusters feature is accompanied by cascading reels and multipliers. Each win causes victory symbols to disappear and new ones populate the reels. Additionally, 5 or more cascading wins trigger 2 free spins and additional free spins are awarded for each reaction beyond the fifth. The neat thing is that multipliers carry over for each free spin. This means that with enough luck the player can chain incredible victory combinations and even more exciting win amounts. The RTP value of Star Clusters is 96.53% making the game very worthwhile with a 25000x the win maximum payout. Momentum is everything in this flashy stars and gems-style cluster pay slot.

Honorable Mentions

We hope you have enjoyed our list of some of the best cluster pay slots. We say “some” specifically because there are numerous other great cluster pay slot releases. Here are some honorable mentions that we also enjoy but could not fit into the regular list.

  • Gronks Gems – Hacksaw Gaming – RTP 96.24%
  • Reapers – Print Studio – RTP 96.47%
  • The Shadow Order – Push Gaming – RTP 96.51%
  • Dragonfall – Blueprint – RTP 96.43%
  • Lordi Reel Monsters – Play’n GO – RTP 96.20%
  • Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior – Netent – RTP 96.06%

Did you know there was a Street Fighter 2 slot on the market developed by Netent? As you can see, cluster pay slots are great in number and we apologize if we have not included your favorites. That being said, there are some excellent slot games on this list that we highly recommend you try. And if you want more top slot lists like this one, check out our other categories like:

Have fun on the reels and may your clusters be great.


  • What are cluster pay slots?

Cluster Pay slots require the player to arrange a certain number of symbols in a group instead of on paylines. The symbols can usually be on any reel as long as they are all in contact with each other. Cluster pay slots are usually in combination with cascading wins.

  • Can I play cluster pay slots for free?

Of course, you can access all of the slots from our list on our recommended casinos for free. You will also usually be able to find demo versions on Google.

  • Where can I play cluster pay slots?

The first three entries on our list contain directions to some of the best online casinos that we recommend. You will usually be able to find all our recommended games on these casino platforms available to play for free and for real money.

  • What is the best cluster pay slot?

In terms of payouts and return-to-player value, the highest RTP values on our list are the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot with 96.53% and the Rise of Olympus slot with 96.50%.



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