“Keen to Provide Something More out of the Box Than Your Standard Table Games” – Tom David, Switch Studios

“Keen to Provide Something More out of the Box Than Your Standard Table Games” – Tom David, Switch Studios

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Updated October 19, 2022

switch studios CasinosOnline interview

Outstanding and original, Switch Studios is an incredibly prolific member of the Microgaming family, as an independent studio supplying content exclusively to the provider.

Today, we had the honour of talking to Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios.

Join us as we discuss how RNG tables are made, what plans the company has, and read the secrets Tom was willing to spill. Enjoy!

  • Hello, and welcome to CasinosOnline.com, where we make sure to provide the best gambling-related content for our readership. Could you, please, introduce yourself to our players?

Hello everyone, my name is Tom and I head up a team of dedicated gaming enthusiasts based in the town of Ipswich in the UK. I personally have been working in the online gambling industry for over 20 years and have been very fortunate to work with some of the biggest and brightest minds in the business.

I currently serve as Head of Studio for Switch Studios, meaning I get to wear a lot hats – no day is the same!

  • To date, Switch Studios have launched over 23 state-of-the-art titles. Tell us what inspired you to focus solely on card and table games?

When we formed the studio we knew Microgaming was looking for someone to fill the gap in terms of the table games space. I was involved in the creation of some of their older flash-based content and, for me, this was one of the highlights of my career in the industry.

We at Switch Studios, simply put, are passionate about table games. We want to ensure players have a great experience and strive to innovate classic games in a modern aesthetic.

multifire roulette interview

  • Would you mind talking about specific games? Our all-time fan favorite at CasinosOnline is Multifire Roulette. As soon as we published the review, our players went mad for it. Tell us about the inspiration behind Multifire Roulette, please.

For us, we were very keen to provide something a bit more out of the box than your standard table games.

When coming up with the name for the game, the initial project working title was ‘Multiplier Roulette’. It was really difficult to wrap a brand around what was a very simple concept. It was at that point we decided to have a look around and see what sort of themes were popular in the slot market.

There were lots of games out there with fire branding that had been extremely popular. We then realised that fire sounds like the ‘plier’ from ‘multiplier’ – at which point ‘Multifire’ was born. We then virtually set fire to our Roulette game, and the rest is history!

dragon tiger switch studios interview

  • According to the survey, the second-most-loved Switch Studios game is Dragon Tiger. A tad outside the box, compared to classics like poker or baccarat, isn’t it? Has the game lived up to your expectations when it comes to player feedback?

We’ve noticed that a lot of our European based players actually prefer this game to Baccarat – it’s after all a very simplified version of the game.

In terms of player feedback, I think the game definitely has lived up to expectations – so much so in fact that we’re about to release a new football based version of the game called ‘Match Day’.

  • Switch Studios also experimented with other casino classics like Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. We love the new look you gave to the traditional game. Is the aesthetic aspect something you think players find crucial when choosing a game to play?

I think the aesthetics definitely add to the experience when a player is playing a game like blackjack, although how the game looks and feels is only part of the appeal when they choose the right game to play.
Players are looking for a number of features depending on the game, and we make sure that all of the elements of classic gameplay are there, fine-tuned and sitting alongside our modern aesthetic to create a unique experience and enjoying, entertaining play.

vegas single deck blackjack interview

  • What else is on the roadmap for Switch Studios? Any sneak peeks that you’d like to share with us?

We’ve got a whole bunch of new content planned for 2022; Match Day which I mentioned earlier which will be live in January, Wheel of Winners at the end of February. We also have a progressive game which we’re looking to release in the middle of 2022 – although for now I need to keep that under wraps!

  • Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to add? Thank you for your time! We’d welcome an opportunity to talk to you again sometime soon.

Thank you very much for letting me share a bit more about Switch Studios and what we do!



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