Exclusively for CasinosOnline, Todd Haushalter Discloses Live Dealer Surprises Evolution Gaming Prepared for 2020

Exclusively for CasinosOnline, Todd Haushalter Discloses Live Dealer Surprises Evolution Gaming Prepared for 2020

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August 14, 2020

Todd Haushalter Instant Roulette Interview

Just a couple of months ago, CasinosOnline.com had the honor of chatting with Evolution Gaming CPO Todd Haushalter. Mr Haushalter was generous enough to tell us his impressions of then-launched Crazy Time live game show.

Now, in the summer of 2020, Evolution’s representative was keen to talk to our interviewer once again.

This time, we wanted to learn more about the brand new Instant Roulette.

While most of you know how to play Instant Roulette already, we’re happy to expose even more secrets about it.

Evolution Gaming is a ground-breaking company that continues to astound the industry. Our team at CasinosOnline is always thrilled to have a chat with a company so passionate about online gambling as we are.

On top of that, Evolution’s CPO exhibited little-known facts from the company’s agenda for 2020. Find out first at CasinosOnline.com!

  • What makes Instant Roulette so unique and original?

The total control that the player has. They may take as much time to place bets as they like then when ready they push PLAY NOW and they are immediately whisked to the next of the 12 wheels that is about to have a result.  You can play as fast or as slow as you want and if you wish to play fast there is no faster way.

  • By the looks of it, Instant Roulette is strikingly different than all other Auto Roulettes on the market. How do you think the visual aspect will impact player feedback?

It will cut both ways. Some players will be drawn to it simply because it is a spectacle to see 12 self-spinning Roulette wheels in one room and they embrace the new and bold.  Others will be turned off by it and opt for a traditional experience.  Most players will stick with the traditional and that is fine, but we have a goal to satisfy literally every possible roulette player so this will for sure find a market.

  • We’re mesmerized by the gaming environment! What was the inspiration for the renaissance-style furnished casino studio that we see in Instant Roulette?

Thank you for the compliment!  We wanted the game to feel as traditional as possible, since it already was going to look pretty wild with the 12 wheels in one camera shot so we modeled it after our classic Roulette table, which is the second most popular roulette game on earth, only behind Lightning Roulette. By doing this we felt it brought an elegance to an otherwise bold studio.

  • How do you anticipate the players’ reactions will be? Do you think that Instant Roulette can surpass all the competition?

There will be players who never go back to normal Roulette after playing Instant Roulette because it will just feel too slow and they will feel like they don’t have enough control over the outcome. This is sort of like how some people who watch a series on Netflix prefer to binge watch it and then can’t go back to waiting each week for a new episode.  On the other hand, I think most players will stick with the classic because that is what they grew up with. 

  • Evolution Gaming has sure been busy in 2020. In July, we saw the marvellous Crazy Time live game go live. Now, just a few weeks later, we’re witnessing the inception of Instant Roulette. Namely, we can look forward to Live Craps, too. Could you tell us more about the company’s plans for the rest of the year?

Sure, we are totally overhauling our mobile Blackjack experience.  The new app is incredible and so very comfortable to play.  We are also releasing Craps in both live and First Person versions, but it isn’t just any Craps. We have really been agonizing over every fine detail of the game so it will satisfy both the grizzled, old veterans of the game and the newcomers, of which we will have many. I think everyone likes the idea of playing Craps but few know how to actually play.  We are going to make it easy for them to learn.  We are also cooking up some cool new features for Baccarat, bonusing tools, and we are full speed ahead on a great new batch of games.

There you have it. You’re the first to learn about details in Evolution Gaming’s program for the rest of the year.

CasinosOnline is always about getting information first-hand, before everyone else. Stick with us for more exclusive interviews with industry leaders!



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