The Riskiest Ways to Play Slots Online

The Riskiest Ways to Play Slots Online

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August 30, 2014

Riskiest Ways to Play Slots Online

There are many ways that you can play slot games online, you may be looking for an extended type of playing session or you may be looking for a boom or bust type of slot playing experience. In this slot playing guide we are going to take a look at the latter way of playing slots and as such we will introduce you to the most riskiest ways of playing slots online, and will let you know which types of slots will offer you a high risk but potentially very high reward type of slot playing experience!

But please do remember you should only ever play slot games with money that you can comfortably afford to lose, so if you are planning on having a high risk slot playing session in the very near future, set aside a gaming budget that is sensible and more importantly one that you can afford to lose, as that is possibly the most likely outcome of these types of high risk gaming sessions!

Very High Risk Slot Games

You need to locate the slot games which have been designed and structured as high variance slots should you be looking for a high risk yet possibly very rewarding slot playing session. When you play any high variance slot machine you will soon discover that they have been designed in such a way that the lower valued and mid ranged winning combinations spin in much less frequently than when you are playing other slots.

What this low hit frequency of low to mid sized winning payouts makes possible is that when playing these types of slots you have the chance, albeit a small chance, of spinning in some very high paying winning combinations, or could possibly trigger a huge paying bonus feature game.

Many of the most played high variance slots will also boast a set of Wild symbols which can, when they spin in, award some huge winning payouts either by having large multiplier values attached to them or by being expanding wild reel symbols which can and will cover the entire reel or reels that they spin in on.

A few examples of high variance slot games which may be of interest to you include the Couch Potato and High 5 slot games both of which are three reel slots, and games such as the Supe it Up Slot and the Isis slot both of which are multi line bonus game awarding video slots.

Progressives Slot Games

The problem with playing progressive slot games apart from your realistic chances of winning what may turn out to be a life changing jackpot win being quite low, is that every time you play these kinds of slots a certain amount of your stake money is being used to feed the jackpot pool or jackpot pools should the slot you are playing have more than one jackpot on offer.

This has the knock on effect of reducing the payout percentage on the slot you are playing to a figure that is quite low in value, however there is no getting away from the simple fact that each time you set a progressive slot games reels into play you are going to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot on offer and attached to that slot.

If you can afford to play progressive slots for a considerable amount of time then you should always play them in such a way that you are going to have the maximum number of chances of winning the progressive jackpot. So when playing slots such as the Real Series slots offer by Real Time Gaming software powered casino sites then you ought to play them for the maximum stake levels offered.

By playing for maximum stakes you will have more chance of winning the randomly awarded progressive jackpots attached to those slots as you would when playing them for more modest stake amounts. However that is never a guarantee that you will win a jackpot even if you continually play them for higher than average stake amounts!

Playing with High Valued Bonuses

Another way that you can put into play a high risk type of slot playing session is by claiming a high valued deposit match type of casino bonus which many different online casinos tend to offer their players from time to time.

You may often have to deposit a large amount of cash to get the highest amount of bonus credits and will have to play through your bonus and deposited amount a large number of times before the bonus cash becomes real money credits.

However as many of these high valued deposit match bonuses will let you claim over 500% as the bonus amount, if you are in the mood to play slots via a high risk type of gaming session then those bonuses will be worth considering.

The only aspect of claiming these bonuses you should be aware of is that many of them many come with a maximum cash out limit, and as such you are best off selecting those that have no maximum cash out limits attached to them, which will see you being free to cash out large amounts of cash if everything falls into place when using these types of bonuses online!


If you are in any doubt as to whether playing slots online in a high risk fashion is going to be to your liking, then why not experience a no risk type of slot playing session by logging into any of our many different featured and top rated casinos as a guest player.

By doing so you can set into play a high risk staking plan when playing any of their slot games and will, without putting any of your own money at risk, be able to judge for yourself whether that type of gaming session is going to be suitable to you when you eventually give those slots some high risk real money gaming action at a later date.



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