The Race Track Layout on Roulette Games Explained

The Race Track Layout on Roulette Games Explained

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April 29, 2014

The Race Track Layout on Roulette Games Explained

All online Roulette games do of course come with a betting layout displayed on the cyber Roulette table, and this is where you are going to be able to click to place all of your bets and wagers on the next spin of the Roulette wheel. However, when you opt to play some Roulette variants you will find an additional set of wagering opportunities on a separate Race Track type of betting layout located at the side of the standard betting layout.

The Race Track allows you to place a myriad of different types of bets and wagers on any Roulette game that has one attached to it and it will make placing your wagers much easier and may also appeal to you if you are playing with a certain playing strategy or using your own unique betting system.

Below we have put together an easy to follow guide that will enlighten you on just how the Race Track betting layout works and operates and we will introduce you to all of the different types of bets and wagers you can instantly place on it!

Race Track Betting Opportunities

There are a range of different bets that you can place instantly on the Race Track betting layout attached to many Roulette games, these include the Voisins Du Zero bet which is the zero, two and three bet, the Tiers Du Cylindre bets and the Orphelins bets.

You may notice that these bets are all in French and as such they are available on the French Roulette game, this is the best Roulette variant that you will find available online due to its house edge being much lower than both the American and standard European Roulette games.

If you are interested in learning more about this particular French Roulette game then you are going to find our guide on the English Translations of the French Roulette Games Betting Opportunities handy for it will enlighten you on the many different bets that can be placed on this very low house edge Roulette game, so do check it out!

Race Track Neighbours Betting Opportunities

Another type of bet that you can instantly place on the Race Track betting layout are the Neighbours bets, if you enjoy placing wagers on numbers that are located next to each other on the Roulette wheel and you notice that the numbers on one part of the Roulette wheel are currently spinning in more often than the other sections of the wheel and wish to place wagers on those that are hitting then the Race Track is an ideal way for you to do this.

All you need to do to place a Neighbours type of wager on the Roulette games Race Track layout is to point and click your mouse to place a wager on one number and then all of the numbers next to that chosen number will also instantly have a chip placed on them.

You will have to set the total number of Neighbours you wish to cover when placing this type of wager on the Race Track layout, for you will be able to choose to cover up to five numbers either side of the one you have chosen.

You will find the option settings are where you can tailor the Neighbours wagering opportunities so simply click on the option settings button at the casino site you are playing the Roulette game at to adjust them, and as such you will always be in full control of just how many or how few of the Neighbours you are covering when placing this type of wager on the Race Track, the more of them you opt to the more chances you will have of one of those numbers spinning in, however the more numbers you choose the larger the bet you will have to place!

What Roulette Games Have a Race Track

You are going to find quite a number of different Roulette games online now have the Race Track layout attached to them, and one of the very latest variants that you may be interested in playing are the Multi Wheel Roulette Games, as you are placing bets on more than one wheel per game when playing this particular variant the Race Track feature is ideal for you can place multiple bets instantly without having to click on each betting layout individually!

If you do wish to start using the Race track betting layout then one way that you are going to be able to get to grips fully is by playing at any of our listed online casinos, for they will allow you to play their Roulette games for free and by opting to do so you can test out the Race Track feature at no risk to see if it actually does make placing your bets and wagers onto the Roulette betting layout easier!


The main benefit of using the Race Track betting layout on any Roulette game is that you are able to place your wagers very quickly and easily, and whilst you are never up against a timer when playing at a software driven, random number generator controlled online casino site, with the advent of Live Roulette games now accessible at many online casinos you may be interested in using this additional betting option.

When you do play Live Roulette games online you are often only given a small amount of time to place your wagers, and rather than miss out on getting your bets placed due to you not having enough time to place them before the Croupier calls No More Bets Please, then do give the Race Track betting layout a try!



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