The Dangers of the Roulette Rebet Button

The Dangers of the Roulette Rebet Button

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Updated February 10, 2022

Roulette Rebet Button Pros and Cons

When you play any casino game it can often be a little bit too easy to drift off into your own little zone and when this happens you do run the risk of staking a little more than you have planned on each game you play or you could find yourself sitting there clicking the start button a slot machine over and not noticing whether your bankroll is increasing or decreasing at a fast pace of knots!

If you choose to play games such as Roulette Online then you will of course have two ways of placing your stakes onto the roulette betting layout, the first is probably the most exhaustive way of placing your wagers as you will have to manually click your chips onto each betting position you wish to place a bet on, and then once done you need to then click onto the spin button to send the ball spinning.

However, the second way of placing your bets and wagers onto the betting layout is by using the rebet button, now when you click on the rebet button all of the wagers you placed on the last spin of the wheel are automatically placed onto the betting layout for out and often that button will, once those bets have been placed, automatically spin the wheel for you!

Avoid the Rebet Button

The one thing you do need to be aware of when using the rebet button is that you can often as mentioned above, drift off into a relaxed mental zone and you could find yourself just sat there clicking rebet over and over again.

Whilst all roulette games are completely random, if you do keep on betting the same position over and over again via the rebet button on the betting layout then over time you are going to experience a long run of losing spins.

This is due to each number having just as much chance of being spun in as any other number, and the more times one number has spun in then over time that number is less likely to spin in! So our advice for you is to limit the use of the rebet button in your game play when playing outlet for if you keep on using it and never change the numbers you bet on a losing run is bound to happen possibly sooner rather than later!

The opposite could happen and with a series of winning outcomes on the number you have chosen to bet on you could turn a small wagered stake amount into a large cash bankroll. If and when that day arrives you should be prepared to cash out some or all of those winnings to ensure that you do not lose any of them back to the casino!

Bonus Betting Options

Another thing you should be fully aware of when playing roulette games online is that those newer roulette games often come with an obligatory side bet wager, and each time you place your base game bets an additional wager is placed automatically onto the betting layout for you.

If and when you do decide to play those type of roulette games that side bet  will be place onto the betting layout when you click on the rebet button, and that could also see you over staking or over spending on any one single roulette playing session you have.

It should be noted that virtually every single side bet wager you can place on games such as roulette are very poor valued wagers to place, for that side bet comes with often a huge house edge many times greater than the base game house edge, and as such for a longer playing session and one which is not a high risk one we would advise you o steer clear form any roulette game offering a range of side bet options.

By constantly being obligated to place that side bet wager, if none of the bonus payout that bets give you the opportunity of winning are awarded, your bankroll will be eaten away quite quickly and that is something you will not want to experience when playing roulette online for real money!


If you do decide to play roulette online then always play sensibly, you should set yourself a limit in regards to now only how much you wager per spin but also do the wise thing and set a unit stake which you will use on every single spin of the wheel you play off.

By doing so you can plan ahead and will know you are going to have at the very minimum a certain number of spins of the roulette wheel even if things do not go your way! Plus always remember that when playing nay game of chance such as roulette you will of course experience winning sessions, and when that happens do try and cash out some of your winnings, and never be tempted to play them all back and lose them all!

In regards to using the rebet button, then that decision is of course up to you and you alone, but always remember there are risk involved with always playing the same numbers and placing the same bets over and over again! You can always play roulette for free online or on your mobile device and for a more leisurely type of online roulette playing session try out some of the brand new live roulette games which are available online!



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