Eurostar CEO Tara Townsend about the “Transportive Gaming Experience” in Burlesque by Dita Slot

Eurostar CEO Tara Townsend about the “Transportive Gaming Experience” in Burlesque by Dita Slot

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Updated October 19, 2022

Eurostar CEO Tara Townsend interview with CasinosOnline

Microgaming has always loved making games based on popular movies and TV shows, so it is no surprise Microgaming would launch games based on celebrity brands as well. For two of their more unique celebrity-themed titles, Microgaming partnered with Eurostar Studios to launch a game based on the electronic music artist deadmau5 and a game based on the world famous burlesque star Dita Von Teese.

Eurostar’s superb Burlesque by Dita video slot is still shining bright. To show you what’s behind the closed doors, we talked to Eurostar’s Co-Founder and CEO Tara Townsend.

Check out our exclusive interview straight from the Eurostar headquarters in San Francisco, California.

  • Hello, and welcome to We strive to deliver the best, most authentic gambling-related content to our readers. Could you start by telling us about yourself, please?

Hello! I’m thrilled to speak to your readers, thanks for having me. I have been on the marketing, publishing, and go-to-market side of games for about 14 years, having worked across everything from hardcore PC games, casual web games, blockchain digital collectibles (NFTs), mobile social apps, and iGaming. About two years ago we started Eurostar Studios to create digital products that have the quality and appeal of games typically only seen in physical products.

  • Could you describe your role in Eurostar Studios, and what’s your favorite part about your job?

My business partner, Jerry Seelig, is one of the world’s most talented game designers, so pretty much anything that isn’t game design is likely my responsibility. I am the one having the conversations with talent and their management or licensing agents and doing the intellectual property deals. I am also keeping an eye on trends and my finger on the pulse of the market, with a focus on strategic partnerships and distribution. I love working on new deals and presenting new concepts to artists and celebrities – I find it very exciting and rewarding.

  • Are you a player? What types of games are your favorite, and do you prefer online or land-based gambling?

In truth, there is nothing more fun for me than watching my business partner play a land-based slot machine. Either he is the luckiest man on earth, or he has just designed and played enough slot machines that he is aligned with the energetic vibrations of ALL the Free Spins and Big Wins in any slot he touches. It is truly an epic sight to behold!

Dita von teese online slot interview

  • So far, Eurostar has launched two branded releases. Is that the direction the company intends to flow in, or are you interested in exploring other slot themes, too?

We are thrilled to have penned our partnerships with genre-defining talent, and do have another brand on the docket, as well as a plan for non-branded releases in the months to come. We love brands and their ability to both connect with players and also cut through the clutter, but we are also eager to design non-branded content with complete creative freedom.

  • Let’s talk about your arguably most popular game – Burlesque by Dita slot. Could you tell us what working with the Queen of the Cabaret Dita Von Teese was like?

Dita Von Teese is an enchanting goddess – even on a 10am zoom call! To design the game, we delved into her photo archive, reviewed costumes and stage props, and traced her performances across iconic venues around the globe – it could certainly be called a passion project!

We dug deep into every element to create a game based on four epic personas and five famous venues. With an uber glamorous base game and four free spin bonuses to choose from, players get a front row seat to five different Dita Von Teese experiences – each with their own unique game feature, art, and audio. For a slot showcasing the world’s best-ever selling burlesque star, we knew we had to make it BIG!

  • What are your expectations from the Burlesque by Dita? Are you happy with the players’ feedback so far?

We couldn’t be more proud of the product we designed, and love when we see feedback that applauds the amazing graphics and artistry. Dita really appeals to so many players.

  • On the other hand, Eurostar also worked with the acclaimed electronic music artist deadmau5, who seems like the polar opposite of Dita. How was it to work with the global superstar DJ?

Doing our project kick off at deadmau5’s house was an incredible experience. We got a chance to watch him experiment with tracks in his tricked-out recording studio and watch his graphic design skills in action when he took us to his computer lab. That day his talent and artistry were on full display, and we knew we had our work cut out for us.

Ultimately, our deadmau5 slot aimed to capture the fluidity and pulsing energy of a live deadmau5 show – which is not easily done in a traditional slot. But with two of deadmau5’s most iconic tracks combined with some fantastic graphics, we were able to create a transportive gaming experience.

  • What other plans do Eurostar Studios have for the upcoming months? Are there any other surprises on the roadmap?

As a fully independent, premium real money gaming studio, we are thrilled to be in position to capitalize on the unprecedented growth occurring in the US at this time. We are committed to making games of the highest quality and maximum player appeal, and look forward to the part we intend to play in the growth of iGaming in North America.

  • Thank you for setting the time aside to chat with us. We’d welcome an opportunity to feature you on our website again in the future.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to chatting again in the future!



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