Start Playing Live Blackjack Games Online

Start Playing Live Blackjack Games Online

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Updated October 5, 2022

Start Playing Live Blackjack Games Online

When you first set about playing Blackjack at any online casino site, you are going to find that you can often play off a huge number of hands in a very short space of time when playing software driven games.

One of the main problems regarding playing any Blackjack game rapidly is that you are going to experience winning and losing streaks much quicker than you ever would when playing at a land based casinos gaming tables.

Therefore, if you do experience a bad run of luck very quickly, then you are often left feeling that the game you have just played is not fair or not random. Online Blackjack games are random as they use a random number generator to determine the outcome of each hand, it’s just when you do lose quickly you get the impression the games are not fair when indeed they are.

To give players a much greater feeling of fair play, many casino sites have now made available to their players a range of what are known as Live Blackjack games, and below I am going to enlighten you on how they differ completely to the software driven games.

Real Dealers and Real Blackjack Tables

The good thing about playing live Blackjack games is that you are going to always be able to see every single game in live play, as you are going to be connected up to the gaming tables via a high definition real time video stream.

You can of course chat to the dealers or any other players via a chat room. However, when I have played Blackjack online in a live play format I tend to turn off the chat room option for many of those other players can ramble on in there and often distract you!

You are also not only going to be able to see the dealers dealing out the cards right in front of your very eyes, but you will also be able to watch as the cards get shuffled too, so you are never going to be left in any type of doubt as to the fairness of each game played.

The only thing that you are not going to be able to do when playing live Blackjack games is to tip the dealer, however that isn’t a bad thing as tipping a dealer each time you win can turn out to be an expensive thing to do!

Pros and Cons of Live Blackjack Games

The one thing that you are never going to have the option of doing if you set about playing at a live casino site, is playing any of the games for free, as they are only available to players playing for real money credits.

You can also find that some live Blackjack games have been designed in such a way that they are able to have an unlimited number of players sat around the table, those games are proving to be popular as they allow casino operators to have no limit of players playing any one game and they do appeal to players too who like to play alongside their friends.

Often players who are already a member of a casino site will be offered an added incentive by way of an additional bonus offer as soon as they make the switch over to playing Roulette in a live casino format.

With that in mind it may just be worth checking out whether you will qualify if you do start playing live Blackjack games on offer at any casino site that you are currently a signed up member off as those bonuses can be quite generous in size!


It is always going to be up to you just how you access and play any type of Blackjack games, but to have something of a much more community styled gambling session, you are going to be very hard pressed to find any other online playing environment that delivers just that than when you play at a live casino site.

As there is no option to play for free when playing at a live casino site, you are of course going to have to play for real money if you fancy trying out any of the Blackjack game variants on offer.

However, as you will find more than enough low stake live Blackjack game tables, never be under the impression you are going to have to have a huge bankroll to play such games!

Most players very quickly take to and enjoy playing live Blackjack games and will rarely if ever switch back to playing software driven games once they have experienced the delight of playing in a live casino format, so keep that in mind as you may too enjoy playing in such a way too.



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