Spotting Trends When Playing Roulette Online

Spotting Trends When Playing Roulette Online

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May 21, 2014

Spotting Trends When Playing Roulette Online

As part of our ongoing series of Casino Game Articles, today we are going to take a look at what tools there are available for you to be able to easily spot trends when you are playing Roulette online.

As you will already probably be more than aware, there are many different Roulette Game Variants available, the game you ought to be playing for the best chances of winning, if you prefer placing the even money wagers, are the French Roulette games. As those games boast the lowest house edge of just 1.35%, so we will use that variant as the one we base this article on.

Trending Numbers Betting Systems

One of the most commonly played Roulette systems is one whereby a player will place a wager on the betting layout of a Roulette game based on the previous number spin in, they will place a series of bets on the numbers in the sector of the wheel based on what number was spun in last.

Usually a player using such a system will bet on the number that spun in and the four numbers either side of that number. The hope being that the next number that spins in will be in that sector and as such they will have placed a winning bet.

This betting systems calls for a one unit stake to be played on those numbers on the first spin in the series, then if that spin wins the next bet is 3 units, with the third and final bet in the series being 10 units. The beauty of this system is that if the first bet wins they will have placed 9 bets on the first spin costing 9.00 (when using a 1.00 chip stake per number), if that spin wins they get 36.00 back and the second bet at 3.00 per number means they are wagering 27.00, and as such this second spin doesn’t cost them anything!

If that second bet wins then they win 108.00 chips, and with the third bet costing 10.00 per number, an outlay of 90.00 from those previous returns means that if the third wager in the series loses they have still made an 18.00 profit on the second spin, however if the third spin is a winning one they have made an addition 360.00 profit!

Tools for Spotting Trends

You will often find a last number spun in board displayed on virtually all online Roulette games, this will allow you to be able to instantly see what the last number that spun in was. However many of these displays only show a few of the previous numbers, which whilst ideal for using the above type of betting system, it is not so good if you are looking for hot and cold numbers.

Hot numbers are those that have spun in more times than on average they would be expected to, and cold numbers are the opposite of hot numbers, namely numbers that haven’t spun in as often as the laws of averages dictate they should have!

There is a brand new online Roulette game variant that is going to be perfect for any player who wants a detailed overview of all of the last numbers that has spun in one the wheel, and this is Playtech’s Video Roulette Game.

This game provides players with a lot of analytical data and displays which enlighten those players on which numbers are tending, which are hot and cold along with lots of other information.

So should you be considering using any type of betting system which is based on trending numbers, then do considering playing that variant, for it really will impress you with the amount of information on all previous numbers that has been spun in!

Placing Trending Number Bets Quickly

One final tool which you will find allows you to very easily place bets and wagers onto any trending numbers on a Roulette game are the Race Track Betting Layouts which are found on quite a number of online Roulette games.

This additional betting layout gives players the ability to place a single chip on any number on the Roulette wheel and then pick how many numbers either side of that number they wish to bet on. So for example if you notice number 32 is trending then by placing neighbours bets directly onto number 32 on the Race Track you will be able to cover as many of the numbers either side of that number without having to place them all separately.

The feature is also beneficial when you are playing a Roulette game in a live environment, for often you do not have that much time available to place your bets and wagers onto the betting layout and as such one bet on the Race Track layout will allow you to place all of the bets you require instantly, without the need to scramble around the table placing them all separately!


Whilst all Roulette games are completely random, there are many times when trends can and do occur during any one session, and any system bettor will always be looking to take advantage of those trends.

It is of course worth noting that as Roulette does not have a memory then any sequence of numbers are just as likely to be spun in as any other sequence. But by spotting and following a trend can pay dividends as they happen constantly.

So if you see for example Red numbers start spinning in you will have just as much chance betting Red on the next spin as you would if you chose to bet on Black, and if the next few numbers are Red and you are following the trend then a winning series of wagers will be what you have placed!



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