Slots with Accumulative Wild Multiplier Symbols

Slots with Accumulative Wild Multiplier Symbols

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August 14, 2014

Slots with Accumulative Wild Multiplier Symbols

As you may know, we are constantly updating our website and adding a wide range of articles which will enlighten you on which recently launched casino games are offering all of the latest new features and playing structures and in regards to slot games we will also let you know about any new reel symbols that may have just been designed.

One type of reel symbol that does appear to be constantly evolving is the Wild symbol found on a large proportion of slots games. In fact our Slot Game Wild Symbol Guide lists quite a number of the more unique types of Wild symbol attached to slots from various different suppliers.

However, as sure as night follows days we have just discovered a brand new set of reel symbols that have started to appear on the reels of some bonus game awarding video slots, and these are known as the Accumulative Wild symbols of which you will find an explanation of how they work and operate below.

What are Accumulative Wild Multiplier Symbols?

You will probably be more than aware that a Wild symbol is going to stand in for all other standard reel symbols found attached to the reels of the slot game they are found on, these symbols rarely if ever stand in for the bonus or scatter symbols, and whenever you get one or more of them spinning in on any activated payline, if they line up alongside a matching set of other symbols then they will help you complete that winning combination.

However, these brand new Accumulative Wild Multiplier symbols are also multiplier symbols. A standard Wild Multiplier symbol will have a value attached to it which can be anything the slot designer has chosen to attach to them and the most commonly found values are x2 and x3. As such whenever one of these types of symbols spins in and helps you complete a much needed winning combination the value of the winning payout associated with that winning combination will be doubled or trebled in value as per the value attached to the Wild symbols.

But these new Accumulative Wild Multiplier symbols have a unique type of structure in regards to the multiplier values attached to each of them, and they can have different values associated with them and when they spin in on different reels for example the multiplier values will be multiplied together and can therefore massively increase the value of your winning payout.

To explain this in a little more detail, if for example you get two of these special symbols spinning in and helping you form a winning combination and the value of one of those Wild symbols is let’s say x2 and the other one is x4 then the winning combination you have formed with the help of those types of Wild symbols will be worth eight times its normal value, which is the outcome of multiplying x2 by x4!

Which Slots Offer a Set of Accumulative Wild Multiplier Symbols?

Probably one of the most exciting online video slot games you can play which comes with these types of Accumulating Wild Multiplier symbols is the Ruby of the Nile slot, being an Egyptian themed slot it does get a lot of attention from players based on its theme alone, but thanks to those special reel symbols some large and regularly awarded winning combinations can be spun in and awarded.

The slot has a Double Wild symbol which as the name suggests will double the value of any winning combination that it helps to form, it also has a Triple Wild reel symbol and when that symbols helps to complete a winning combination it will triple the value of that winning payout.

But if you have any one or more activated payline containing both the Double and Triple Wild symbols and they help to complete a winning combination then the winning payout associated with the matching reel symbols winning combination which contains these two special symbols will be multiplied by six times their standard payout amounts!

We do know that some slot players would prefer to play the older style and far more easier to understand three reel slots, and if you are such a player but would like to sample one of these kinds of slot games which also has Accumulative Wild Multiplier symbols attached to its reels then do consider giving the Couch Potato slot game a little play time.

When you play that particular slot game all of the logo symbols are Wild, however each of them have multiplier values of x5 attached to them, and when two of them spin in on this slots single payline alongside any other reel symbol the payouts associated with the additional reel symbol are multiplied by 25 times their standard payouts!

Get all three of the logo  symbols spinning in then the Wild symbols become deactivated and instead of standing in for the other reel symbols they will award you wish the jackpot payout, which if you are playing three coins per spin will see you picking up a large and impressive jackpot of some 15,000 coins!


Whilst the chance to win big is always going to be on offer on any of these new slot games which have the Accumulative Wild Multiplier symbols attached to them, it may be worth noting that they do tend to be what are known as High Variance Slots, and that means that whilst the ability to spin on some mega size winning payouts are possible, there is a compromise to be made.

This comprise is that high variance slots can often go on what are known as cold cycles, and these are often a very long series of base game spins where no winning payouts get spun in or the very occasional low valued winning combinations will be awarded.

The way to play these types of slots is to set the stakes you are playing for very low in the hope if you end up on a cold cycle you will be able to ride it out until one of those illusive mega winning payouts are awarded to you!



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