Why do some slot players not use casino bonuses?

Why do some slot players not use casino bonuses?

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January 30, 2014

Reasons for not Using Online Casino Bonuses

It is often the case that when you first discover the joys of playing slot games online that you will find the bonus offers available at most casino sites too tempting to resist. However there are a growing number of slot players and casino game players in general who always refuse to accept any bonuses offered to them, and today we shall take a look at why they do this.

The main reason that a player at any online casino site will refuse a bonus offer is that the bonus up for grabs offers poor value for money, by taking a deposit bonus for example you will often find buried deep in the terms and conditions of that bonus a set of terms and conditions, and some of those terms will relate to something known as a play through requirement.

Poor Valued Deposit Bonus Offers

When you take a deposit bonus which has play through requirement attached to it that will mean you are going to have to play through the bonus and often the actual deposit you made to claim that bonus many times before you can cash any winnings out.

You will often find bonuses come with 50 times the bonus and deposit play through amount requirements and that would mean you will have to stake and play 10,000.00 on a modest 100% bonus on which you deposited 100.00 to claim a 100.00 bonus!

This therefore means your actual chances of getting to a stage in your slot playing session that you have exceeded 10,000.00 in wagers is going to be tiny, and as such you will find many such bonuses offer you very little chance of winning and are simply traps to lock up your deposit, and this is why many players opt to refuse these kinds of deposit bonus offers

Maximum Cash-Out Limits

Some online casino have started to attach something which is known as a maximum cash out rule to all of their casino bonuses, and this is another reason why most savvy slot players will tend to avoid taking any form of casino bonus.

A maximum cash out rule when attached to a bonus will often mean that you are only ever going to be able to cash out any winnings obtained through bonus play when you have exceeded the play through requirements mentioned above, and when you do the casino will not let you cash out any amount you have won, instead you can only cash out a certain amount and no more.

This obviously means that if you have won a huge jackpot when playing with a bonus with such a rule in place then you may find anything over the cash out maximum amount is going to be voided by the casino and you will only ever receive a percentage of your winnings!

This bonus rule will affect a lot of players, more so if they are playing slots which offer random jackpots, and as such you should always avoid any bonus which has any type of maximum cash out rule, or you may end up regretting it if you win big with your bonus cash!

No Deposit Bonuses

You also should keep your eyes out for very unfair terms and conditions that are attached to any kind of no deposit required bonus offer, for many less than reputable casinos are famed for giving away these types of bonuses, but have in place a set of rules that mean you will have virtually no chance of ever winning with such a bonus.

The majority of no deposit bonuses are very low valued ones and as such you will only usually be able to claim a few Pounds, Dollars or Euros when claiming such a bonus, and should you manage to make the often truly massive play through requirements attached to a no deposit bonus the casino will limit the amount you can cash out to usually only the value of the bonus itself!

Be Wary of Deposit Method Bonuses

One final type of bonus that you should be wary of, as they are often added to your account without you having to claim them separately are deposit method bonuses, and these type of bonuses will often see you automatically being credited with a small 10 or 15 percent bonus based on you making a deposit using one of several web wallets or pre paid vouchers.

When these bonuses are added to your account unless you ask for them to be removed the very second you play a real money wager then you are going to be tied into all of the terms and conditions associated with that particular bonus.

So with this in mind if you find the casino at which you are playing at drops a small deposit method bonus into your account once you have made a deposit, then ask for it to be removed from your casino account before you start to play, for if you don’t then you are going to have to play through your deposit and that nominal bonus many times before you can withdraw any winnings!


Whilst there are a few online casinos out there who offer real value for money through their bonus offers and special promotions, you really should think very long and hard about taking any type of casino bonus, and should also read through all of the terms which are attached to any bonus offer that interests you.

By reading the small print hidden away on the terms and conditions page attached to any casino bonus offer, you will usually then be able to make a decision based on what you find there! You will never have maximum cash out rules nor will you have play through requirements attached to your deposits made into any casino site if you do not take a bonus, and as such you may prefer to play with your own money rather than run the risk of losing out any accumulated winnings!



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