Is Six Card Charlie the Best Way to Beat the Dealer?

Is Six Card Charlie the Best Way to Beat the Dealer?

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April 6, 2021

Six Card Charlie blackjack

In the sea of side bets and sneaky strategies to bring the house down, casinos invented Charlie blackjack rules. The topic of our article is Six Card Charlie, but we’ll also discuss its sibling 5 Card Charlie. Do these rules apply to the dealer? Is a win guaranteed? What are the odds of winning with a Six Card Charlie? Learn below.

What Is a Six Card Charlie?

A Six Card Charlie is a special blackjack rule due to which your 6-card bust-free hand is the automatic winner. If you play a Six Card Charlie game, the house edge is an amazing 0.16% paired with a 99.84% RTP. In short, to benefit from this rule, you need 6 cards out of the shoe without busting.

However, this blackjack rule has two flaws. Firstly, it doesn’t happen often at all. Namely, a six-card Charlie blackjack hand occurs once in every 400 hands. So, the odds are a mind-blowing 400:1.

Secondly, there are only but few games with this interesting rule. After all, no matter how low the likelihood, casinos like to play safe. Therefore, not many software developers build in this feature in their blackjack titles.

Be that as it may, devoted gamblers at CasinosOnline have dug up the best Six Card Charlie blackjack games.

Does a 5 Card Charlie Beat Blackjack?

Sometimes in blackjack, it takes just three cards to bust. Say that you’ve lost track of your true count and miscalculated the circumstances.  In such a scenario, you find yourself with a score of 22. You just busted. With just 3 cards.

But what if you hadn’t busted?

In games that feature the 5 card Charlie rule, you get paid for having at least 5 cards below 21. And if you get to that point, you win just like a natural would. To exemplify, let’s imagine you got these values – 2, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Your hand’s total is an astounding 17, which is below 21. If you’re playing a 5 Card Charlie rule game, you get an automatic win.

Thus, the game rewards punters for such an incredible coincidence. If you’re that lucky to have 8 cards in your hands that have grand total of under 21, you’re really lucky. And while blackjack is a game of skills, casinos nourish the element of luck.

So, having more than 3 cards without busting has the same or a higher payout than a natural blackjack.

Also, in games like Spanish 21, a 5-card no-buster wins the game with a 3:2 payout. In fact, the 5-card Charlie rule is more easily found than its 6-card brother. Additionally, more games include it, besides Spanish Twenty-One. And the best thing about it is that it’s set in stone, so if you get those 5 cards and don’t exceed 21m, you’re the automatic winner. So, in Spanish 21, a 5-card Charlie is treated the same as a natural.

Top Game with Six Card Charlie Rules

Truth be told, only a handful of games feature this player-friendly rule. But the best one to capitalize on in 2021 is ONE Blackjack from Pragmatic Play.

In ONE Blackjack, you have four side bets – Crazy 7, Bust Bonus, 21+3, and Perfect Pairs. Also, getting a suited pair right can result in a 2,000:1 payout. And if that weren’t enough, getting 6 cards without going overboard results in a 50:1 payout!

What’s more, if you don’t bust with 7 cards, you’ll be paid 100 to 1. Lastly, for 8+ cards in your hand under 21, you get a 250:1 payback!

Read our detailed ONE Blackjack review for pro tips on how to win at this 21 variant.

Key Facts

To conclude this Six Card Charlie review, here are its main features:

  • 6 cards without busting win
  • 0.16% house edge
  • 99.84% return to player
  • Odds are 400:1
  • Payouts as agreed in advance; usually the same as a natural

All that said, players don’t need a special strategy to play according to the Six Card Charlie rule. Simply follow the perfect basic strategy for optimal results. Also, if you’re a card counter, release your inner advantage player. But don’t get caught!

Lastly, if you’d like to learn more blackjack fun facts, we’ve got a whole blog post dedicated to blackjack books.

Let us know what you think about this perplexing rule below!


What is a Charlie in blackjack?

A Charlie in blackjack is any rule that allows players with 3 or more cards totalling below 21 to win. The most popular ones include 5 and 6 cards. However, some game variants offer higher payouts for 7-member hands.

How much does 5 card Charlie pay?

The 5 card Charlie payout is 9:1 (bust with 5 cards).

What is a 5 card Charlie?

A 5-card is a special rule that some blackjack games have whose winner is the player with 5 cards without going over 21. If you play this type of game, the house edge is 1.46%. However, the 6-card variation lauds an awesome 0.18% house edge.

Can dealers get 5card Charlie?

The dealer has no benefit from this rule. He or she is allowed to draw as many cards as needed to get to at least 17. If you’re unsure, just ask the croupier before the round starts.

What is the meaning of Charlie in 21?

Charlie in blackjack means that you win if you have 3+ cards and a score below 21. In other words, if you don’t bust with 3 or more cards in your hand you’re the automatic winner.

What do I split in blackjack?

According to the basic strategy chart, always split aces and eights. But do consider doubling after a split in certain outcomes.



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