Should I use the Blackjack Surrender Option?

Should I use the Blackjack Surrender Option?

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October 18, 2016

atlanctic-city-blackjackOnline Blackjack game variants do offer you a wide range of betting and playing options depending on just which variants you are playing, and one of those playing options is a Surrender option found on just a small number of Blackjack games.

When you are playing off any hand you have put into play at certain points in time during the game you will be given the option of Surrendering your hand, dependent on the variant you are playing, and by doing so you will then basically be giving up your hand and removing it from live play but into return for doing so you will then get half of the stakes you wagered on that and returned to you.

However, one thing you should avoid doing when playing such a Blackjack game is Surrendering your hand at the wrong time, for it you do so you will actually be increasing the house edge on that variant and will then be in a position where you are not playing that game optimally and will lose your money much more quickly than you would do when playing optimally and strategically!

Below you will find a range of different Blackjack game variants that offer a Surrender option and we will let you know when the correct times are to surrender your hand!

When to Surrender your Hand Playing Atlantic City Blackjack

Let us begin by walking you through the optimum and perfect strategy in regards to when the only times are to surrender your hand when you are playing Atlantic City Blackjack online.

If you are dealt out as your initial two card hand two cards that add up to 15 and the Dealer is showing via his or her up facing card a 10 value card then you should surrender your hand when it is your time to make your playing decision.

You will also find that if you have been dealt out a 16 valued hand and the Dealers up facing card is a 9 or 10 valued hand or is an Ace then that is the time that you should surrender your hand. By playing in this way and only surrendering your hands as mentioned above you will be playing the perfect strategy for that game and will of course be helping to keep the house edge down as low as possible.

You should never fold your hand at any other time no matter how little a chance you think you will have of winning, so never surrender at any other time!

Best Time to Surrender Your Hand Playing Big Five Blackjack

The Big Five Blackjack game is another variant on which you are going to have the ability of surrendering your hand and by doing so you will get half of your stake money back on the hand you are playing.

However, there is only four times when playing Big Five Blackjack that you should surrender your hand, and to enable you to understand when those times are we shall now reveal them to you!

If your first two cards add up to 14 and the Dealers up facing card is a 10 valued card then you should surrender your hand there and then. That is also the case if the Dealer is showing a 10 valued card and your hand is a 15 valued hand or a 16 valued hand.

The only other time that you should surrender your hand when you are playing Big Five Blackjack online is when your initial two card hand adds up to 16 in value and the Dealers up facing card is a 9. Those are the only times you should surrender your hand when playing the Big Five Blackjack game variant, doing so at any other time is the incorrect playing strategy for that variant!


As you have just found out there are only specific times when you are playing some Blackjack game variants that you should surrender your hand, and you should never veer off those strategic playing moves, for if you surrender at the wrong time then you will be playing against the optimal playing strategy which you should never do.

Whether you do or do not play any Blackjack game variant that is offering you the option of surrendering your hand is of course up to you, however keep in mind you can always test of any Blackjack games online or free via the free play demo mode if you want to gain a little more experience of playing them at no risk.

But ultimately any savvy Blackjack player will always tell you and advise you to have the best winning chances you will need to play only those games which by their very design are offering the lowest house edges.



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