Should I Constantly Change Stakes when Playing Slots?

Should I Constantly Change Stakes when Playing Slots?

Staff Writer
February 24, 2017

You will have lots of different decisions to make when playing slot machines online, the very first decision will of course be just which ones to play! As there are often hundreds of different slots on offer to you then we would urge you to look around our website and find out which slot games have the highest payout percentages.

By playing only the slots offering the highest payout percentages you will often get some much longer and much more entertaining slot playing sessions and you will of course get more of your stake money returned to you over the long term too.

However, one very important decision you will have to make it just how much you should wager on each spin. Most savvy slot machine players will split up their bankroll in such a way that they get around one hundred and fifty spins from their bankroll, as when playing video slots for example that number of spins gives you a fair chance of triggering any bonus games attached to the slots you are playing.

There are several different slot playing strategies that you can adopt, and one rather exciting one is to keep swapping the stakes you are playing for on each spin you play off!

Make Sure You Play Maximum Pay-lines!

If you do fancy changing the stake levels you play for on each spin, then make sure you always have every single pay-line attached to the slot you are playing activated, as that will of course ensure that you never miss out on a winning combination spinning in.

Take for example a 20 pay-line slot you could decide to play the first spin with just one coin per line in live play and by doing so that spin will cost you just 20 coins. Then on the next spin you play off you could increase the number of coins per spin to five coins, so that spin will be a much more costly 100 coins per spin.

You could then play 4 coins per spin followed by a two coin per line spin and finish the sequence off by playing three coins per line on the fifth spin then start the cycle again.

The main aim of playing a slot machine with such a playing and staking strategy in place will be for you to either spin in a high paying winning combination when you are playing for more coins or trigger the main bonus game when playing for a high number of coins.

As all slots are of course random you will never know whether this type of strategy is going to be a profitable one, but it will certainly give you an exciting slot playing session, and if all goes well you could win big when playing for a higher number of coins!

Which Slots to Play

If this slot playing strategy is one you fancy testing out then maybe a good way for you to determine whether it is going to be a good one to utilize and one you will enjoy is by first playing the strategy by doing so in a free play mode.

That way you can get to grips with the way you will have to keep on changing the stake levels you are playing for and will be able to test it out for as long as you like without it costing your anything to do so!

The one thing you will have to do is of course select a slot machine that does offer you the ability of playing a different number of coins on each pay line sent into live play and as such you will be looking for the video slot games to do that on.

Triggering Slot Machine Bonus Games

As it will be the bonus game you will ideally be looking to trigger when playing this slot playing strategy then be on the lookout for a slot offering huge winning potential from its bonus game, and the slots offering free spins but with high valued multipliers will be good ones to track down and play.

As you will have all of the pay lines activated when utilizing this symbols then you will always shave the best chances of spinning in multiple winning combinations as that bonus game when triggered is playing off.

You will however find pick and win and pick and match as well as wheel spinning bonus games can also return some high valued winning payouts, so make sure that you do give some of the many different slot games offering those types of bonus games a try too, as you never know when you lucky day is going to arrive, but you could win big when using this system on those slots if everything falls into place!



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