Should I Always Split Aces when Playing Blackjack?

Should I Always Split Aces when Playing Blackjack?

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Updated October 5, 2022

Should I Always Split Aces when Playing Blackjack

The best way to play any Blackjack game variant is to play using perfect strategy for the game you have chosen to play, as by doing so and following the best and optimal strategy you will always get, over the long term, the best possible pay backs from those games.

Some games have unique playing rules such as for example allowing you to double down, split or even surrender your hand at certain points in time when playing, and some variants also have a bonus winning payout that is awarded to players when they are dealt out certain hand combinations.

However, one common playing decision that is fairly standard no matter which Blackjack variants you choose to play is in regards to how to play off a pair of Aces that have been dealt out to you.

The best playing decision you can make when playing off such a hand is to always split those two Aces, keep in mind when splitting any hand you do need to place another wager on the new hand formed with one of the Aces, so do make sure you always play in such a way you do have enough cash in your casino account balance to allow you to perform that move when playing!

Be Wary of Blackjack Game Bonus Bets

It is often the case that when you sign up and log into a new casino site that you have never played at before, you could find a few dozen different Blackjack games on offer to you at those casino sites.

You will therefore often find plenty of different games that you may be interested in playing due to their playing structure and payouts, for many of the new Blackjack game variants offer players the ability of placing a range of side bets and by doing so some potentially huge payouts could be awarded when certain hand combinations are dealt out.

But the one thing that you need to always ensure you are doing no matter which Blackjack game variants you play is to play them in such a way that the house edge is kept as low in value as is possible.

Placing any type of bonus side bet wager on any type of Blackjack game will see you instantly increase the overall house edge of the game you are playing, and as such you will be best advised to never actually place a side bet wager when playing Blackjack, no matter how tempting and high in value the bonus inning payouts may appear!

Progressive Blackjack Games are Available Online

Even though the house edges on progressive Blackjack games are going to always be much higher than on any non progressive jackpot awarding variant, you can often get the urge to play them for it will only take you being dealt out the jackpot hand to get paid out that jackpot.

The odds of you winning a progressive jackpot when playing any casino game are huge and as such your actual chances of doing so are tiny, however if you do fancy giving such games some play time then always make sure you play them in the designed way to have a chance of winning those jackpots.

It is often through the use of a side bet wager that you can win a progressive jackpot, and whilst some online variants will automatically place those side bets wagers for you, so variants do not.

As such before you start to play off any number of hands when playing progressive jackpot Blackjack games always make sure you have placed the required side bet wager, if you don’t you will never have a chance of winning the jackpot and could get the jackpot hand dealt out to you but not win the jackpot which is something you will never want to experience of course!


Never be in any kind of rush to sign up to the very first casino site that you come across online, as there can often be a different range of Blackjack games available at different casino sites, and any savvy player will tell you, you really do need to concentrate your real money playing efforts only on the variants that have the lowest possible house edge.

You will of course be able to play off a huge number of hands when playing Blackjack online, much more than you ever will when playing in a land based casino, so if you do not want to run the very real risk of blowing your bankroll too quickly then set yourself a sensible unit stake per hand you play off.

It is very easy to continue playing at an online casino when you are winning, and if you make the mistake of increasing the value of your bets and wagers you could soon blow away those winnings and your initial bankroll too.



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