Setting Single Session Gambling Limits

Setting Single Session Gambling Limits

Staff Writer
August 2, 2016

thunderfist-slotHow many times have you logged into your favourite online casino site and have unfortunately got onto something of a losing streak, and have continued to deposit and play spending more money than you had originally planned on spending?

You need strong willpower as an online gambler for the temptation to carry on playing when you are winning or losing is always going to be too strong to resist, and no one who does play casino games for real money is going to want to bust out their bankroll or spend way more money than they had planned when they are in a gambling frame of mind!

With that in mind we would like to introduce you to a brand new feature that you will find being offered to you at many of our rated online casino sites and that is an option setting that is going to allow you to set your own spending limits as soon as you do log into your chosen online casino site as a real money player.

Below you will find out what those single session gambling limit options allow you to configure and why you should always use them when gambling online!

Depositing Limits

One of the available option settings you can make use of is one on which you will be able to select just how much you can deposit into your casino site account over any given time period, and as such if you think you may overspend when playing any type of real money casino games then this is an option you should make use of.

Always have in mind a set amount of cash that you are prepared to lose each day, week or month and then use that figure to set the depositing limits on offer to you at any casino site that will let you set your own gaming session spending limits.

Keep in mind however that as soon as you have set your depositing option limit and you then have deposited that amount of cash you will not be permitted to deposit any more money into your casino account until the time period you have chosen has expired.

However, it is a very sensible way of you to removing any temptation of you spending more money than you intended so consider making use of and stetting your very own deposit limits.

Spending Limits

When you do choose to make use of the single session limits on offer at many online or even mobile casino sites you will also have the option of selecting just how much you are prepared to lose when you are playing any casino games for real money at such sites.

When you set a spending limit that limit will be defined as the amount of cash you had in your casino account balance before you set the limits compared to your current account balance.

So for example if you set an amount of let’s say 100.00 as your spending limit then if you won 200.0 during that session you will be able to lose those winning back during that session but at no time will you be able to spend more than 100.00 of your own money during that session.

Once again this is a very handy and useful feature to make use of if you think you may cave into temptation and end up spending more than you initially intended to, but always select a sensible losing limit a you will not want to lose everything in your bankroll on just one single real money casino game playing session you have!


Always be a sensible gambler no matter which casino games you choose to play for when you do set yourself gambling limits you are always going to stick to you allocated bankroll, and will then never be in a position where you have spent way more money than you had intended to do.

One other thing to keep in mind is that with the vast majority of online casino sites offering you a unique type of comp club scheme you will find that you can earn lots of bonus credits by playing at a casino that is going to award you with a high number of comp points based on the amount you gamble in their respective casino sites.

So stick to playing at casinos that do give you lots of comp points for if you have then spent up your allocated bankroll you will often find that by logging into your comp club account you will have lots of redeemable comp points waiting for you which will allow you to then cash in and swap those points for bonus paying credits, so you can have a gaming session without the need to touch your real money bankroll!



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