Risks of Playing High Stake Slots Online

Risks of Playing High Stake Slots Online

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May 18, 2014

Risks of Playing High Stake Slots Online

There are both pros and cons of playing slot games online, however, should you be the type of slot player who has no qualms about throwing caution to the wind and playing for high stakes, then you do need to know the risks of playing slots in this type of way, more so when playing online slot machines!

The first and most obvious aspect of playing slot games for high stake levels is that you are going to have to equate the value of each spin you set into play dependent on your slot playing budget available on that session.

If you overstake the cost of each spin then a series of losing spins will result in your available slot playing bankroll being swallowed up in no time at all! The beauty of playing online slots is that you are going to be able to pick and choose just which slots appeal to you and slots that offer you various different stake levels.

Trigger Rates in Online Slots

If you do wish to play slots for high stakes and you are planning on playing video slots which have some form of bonus game on offer, then we would suggest you take a look at our guide on the average trigger rates of bonus games.

For by knowing when a bonus game is likely to trigger, based on the reel strip layout, then you can adjust your stakes to give you a fair chance of being awarded that bonus feature at least one during your high stake slot playing session!

If such a slot machine tends to award, on average, it bonus game every 150 spins and you have a budget of $1000 then divide that $1k by 150 and use the figure you arrive at as the stake for each spin, adjusting the number of coins per line, stake values and paylines accordingly.

Which High Rolling Slot Game Payout the Most?

You will of course want to have the very maximum chances of ending your high rolling slot playing session in profit, and as such may be wondering which slot games boast the high payouts and payout more than other slot games.

We would suggest you have a good look through an article we recently compiled explaining the odds on winning a slot games jackpot, for once you read through that article it will enlighten you on which slots offer the most realistic chance of you spinning in the jackpot paying combinations on a range of popular online slots!

You are also going to find many online casinos have now made available a set of figures which highlight the actual payout percentages all of the slots they offer have been designed to payout, over the long term operation of that slot machine.

This is very valuable information for high stake slot players in particular for by only ever playing those slots with payout percentages of around the 98% or higher then you are going to have a far better chance of winning that when you play slots with payout percentage set lower than 98%.

Whilst the theme or bonus features on these higher than average paying slots may not be to your liking, when it comes to making a potential profit never let that put you off playing any slot and only play the better paying slots!

Permitted Cash-Out Limits

One trap you could fall into when playing for high stakes online is the maximum weekly or monthly cash out limits some online casinos impose on their players! Be very wary of any casino site that has rules regarding the amount of cash you can withdraw over any given period of time for you may end up waiting months or years if you win big when playing slot games online for high stake levels!

Whilst many casinos will allow you to deposit as much as you like those maximum cash out rules may be attached to the terms and conditions of those sites. So as with any bonus offer you may be tempted to take always make sure you know the full rules in place at any casino site online you play at.

Opting to take a casino bonus which is offered to you when you are playing or very high stake levels is going to be a risky thing to do, for the play through requirements found on most bonuses these days are ridiculously high, and this could tie up your bankroll for long periods of time, and will in most cases mean you have very little chance of ever cashing anything out when a bonus has been placed in your account.

The best way to play a slot online for high stakes is to play it with your own money, for that way if you spin in a large paying combination or win a large amount via a bonus feature game you can cash out your winnings at any time, and not have to continue on playing to meet the required play through requirements of that bonus!


We want you to have enjoyable and completely hassle free online slot playing sessions, no matter whether you are a high rolling player or a low rolling slot player. With this in mind if you do intend to sit down and play slots online please make sure the casinos you do play at are listed as our top rated casino sites.

Every single casino we present and review on this website have been handpicked and tested out ourselves, to ensure they will always live up to your high expectations and will give you an enjoyable slot playing experience.

All casinos we list are fully licensed and regulated, they pay their winners rapidly and their bonus offers come with the fairest set of terms and conditions, and will never lock you into huge play through requirements.

You are also going to be able to set your account at any of our featured sites to operate in your own home currency, allowing you to play their range of slots in currency you are familiar with!



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