Recent Changes Affecting UK Online Casino Game Players

Recent Changes Affecting UK Online Casino Game Players

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September 10, 2014

UK Casino Changes Affecting Players

If you are one of our many website visitors that are based in the UK, you may have found yourself being locked out of some of your online casino accounts, or you may have been sent an email notification that your account at one of more casinos that you are a member of have been transferred over to another casino site.

If you are wondering why this is happening, it is due to some proposed changes in regards to the way that online casinos who offer their services to the UK need to operate, to allow them to comply with these proposed legislative changes.

For an online casino site to legally be able to offer their services to UK based players, they need to now hold a full remote gaming license as issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Previously all an online casino needed to do to be able to offer players living in any part of the UK access to their sites legally were for those sites to hold a gaming license in a UK Gambling Commission’s white listed territory which included places such as Malta and Gibraltar.

However, in what would appear to be a quite noticeable attempt to get more taxable revenue from online casinos and in fact any online gambling site that is available to UK players, all casinos now need to have been issued with a UK Gambling Commission issued license.

This has resulted in many casinos either withdrawing completely from the UK market place, or those operators that have several online casinos have opted to just apply for one single license for one of their casinos, and move their UK players accounts over to that one site.

Selecting a Licensed UK Casino Site at Which to Play

Even though you are going to either find yourself locked out from playing at some online casinos sites, whilst also not having any problems playing at other casinos that have opted to get a UK gambling license, there will always be several other casinos offering their services to UK players, even though they have not got a license!

This is why we would advise you to think long and hard in regards to just which online casinos you choose to play at, for playing at a site that isn’t licensed in Great Britain if you live there, could see you running into problems.

For unlicensed casino sites can do what they like with your cash once you have deposited and you will never want to suffer from long delays receiving a winning payout or even finding your winnings have been voided due to one reason or another, and then not having anywhere to turn to for help to resolve any problems!

As you will notice as you look around our website we have reviews of only licensed and regulated online casino sites, and as such when playing at any of our featured and showcased online casinos you will never run the risk of playing at a site that does not adhere to the very highest industry standards.

UK Pound Sterling Deposit Options and Bonuses

One other aspect that you should take into account when selecting just which online casinos you should deposit and play it, is to make sure those sites you have on your shortlist allow you to deposit using Pounds Sterling, you will be surprised to hear that some casinos online do not offer multiple different currency option settings to their players!

If you are ever forced to deposit into any gambling site in a different currency other than your own you run the risk of losing a significant amount of both your deposits and any withdrawal amounts due to currency exchange rates fluctuations.

So make sure first and foremost that any casino you are interested in becoming a member of is fully licensed in the UK, and you can quite easily check this out by visiting the UK Gambling Commission website, and secondly make sure you can deposit using GBP!

The number of bonuses that you can claim as a UK resident is large. However always be aware that players claiming GBP bonuses may find the play through requirements attached to those bonuses are higher than they would be to players using a different currency option.

The reason for this is that GBP is quiet a strong currency and as such a casino is, in effect giving you a much higher valued bonus when you claim £100 as they would be doing if you claimed a bonus in Dollars or Euros for example, so to compensate for that overly generous bonus they increase the play through requirements accordingly!

However, some casinos do not impose on their players higher play through requirements, so always be prepared to do some shopping around when you are bonus hunting and always read through any bonus terms and conditions thoroughly.


Never take any additional risks when you are gambling online, for gambling in itself has plenty of risks attached to it and you will never want to increase those risks by playing at unregulated or unlicensed casino sites.

By always making sure the casino you are playing at is licensed in your home country, whether you live in the UK or not, you will always be assured of playing games which have been certified as fair, and you will be playing at casinos whose owners and operators have bother been vetted as part of the licensing procedure and are deemed fit and financially sound enough to run a casino and will always adhere to the highest expected standards.



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