Are Random Jackpot Slots Really Random?

Are Random Jackpot Slots Really Random?

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Are casino slots really random?

The biggest casino mystery of all time – are random jackpot slots truly random?

Here and today, we tackle this puzzle and try to solve it for you.

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  • Are casino slots really random?
  • Can you tell when a slot machine is about to hit?
  • Are casino slots rigged?
  • Can you trust online casinos?
  • Tips for playing slots safely

Are Random Progressive Slots Better?

You are likely to find a large and diverse range of jackpot slot games at online casinos. And operators claim that these jackpots are random.

While casino slots come from leading and reputable software companies like Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt, players can't help but wonder. Are progressive jackpots random?

The basic idea of playing a random jackpot slot game is quite simple to understand. Alongside the base game and any additional bonus round(s) that can be triggered when playing progressives, there's more to them.

Players will also find a progressive jackpot attached to these types of casino slot games.

However, winning a progressive jackpot doesn't come about the same way as winning a standard slot.

Namely, to hit a progressive jackpot, you don't need to align matching symbols or create winning combos. Instead, to win a random progressive slot, you just need to sit down and wait. Progressive slot jackpots land randomly.

In plain English, minimum effort is required. Just relax and watch the reels spin, or fuff about until it hits. What's more, in most cases, you don't need to play for maximum stake levels, either. And gambling small bets is always a plus, you'll agree.

It is possible for any player, at any point, to hit a random jackpot.

This is exactly what makes playing progressive jackpot slots so exciting for many players.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning a Random Jackpot

However, you should be aware that there are ways to increase your winning chances when playing a random jackpot slot.

To potentially boost your odds of winning random casino slots, you need to modify your stakes. The rule of thumb is to play for higher stake levels or put into play maximum bet spins. The system recognizes betting patterns and register an increase to the grand pot.

Divine Fortune Jackpot

Divine Fortune is one of the most popular random jackpot slots from NetEnt.

A random jackpot is for all intents and purposes a raffle. So, the more tickets you have in any raffle, the greater chance you will have of winning a prize in that raffle.

Nonetheless, increasing the bet doesn't guarantee a jackpot. That's why it's called random.

There are slot players who played for just 0.01 per spin to walk away with a huge randomly awarded progressive jackpot. On the other hand,  hundreds of jackpots have been won by players playing for higher stake levels.

But don't let the unpredictability discourage you from playing progressives. Progressive casino slots are random, and we know them as games of luck. When playing a game of chance, you're betting on hope and not skills. So, if you wanted to know if jackpot slots are random, they are, and this is the proof.

Types of Random Jackpot Games

You are going to come across a few different ways in which a random jackpot slot game will award its jackpot to you.

The most common way a slot will do this is by randomly and instantly awarding you the jackpot. The drop happens at the end of any single base game spin.

Random jackpot slot games do not award its random progressive jackpot on a free spins bonus game.

There is another way in which a random jackpot slot game will award you with a random jackpot.

Some slots have multiple different-sized jackpots. Take Microgaming’s Mega Moolah series of slots. These games all share four live networked jackpots. Therefore, you're guaranteed to win one of them only when the Mega Moolah bonus game is awarded at random. And that happens at the end of any paid for the base game spin.

Mega Moolah Fortunium Gold

Mega Moolah Fortunium Gold boasts 4 levels of progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega.

When triggered, you then have to set a bonus wheel into motion. Depending on where that bonus wheel comes to a stop, it will award one of the four available progressive jackpots.

Here are all the types of random progressive jackpot slots:

  • Standalone Slots – autonomous casino slots that drop at random from any supplier with no sequels
  • In-House Progressives – branded random slots exclusive to a specific online casino
  • Jackpot Network – a jackpot series, such as the Mega Moolah, DC Super Heroes Jackpots from Playtech, etc.

Most Profitable Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you're wondering, “Has anyone won big on the online casino,” here's your answer. Developers keep track of how much their casino slots random pay out.

Check out our list of the biggest jackpot wins to see if casino slots are random.

And if you need a shortcut to success, here are the top random jackpot slots:


Casino Slots Random


Mega Moolah Microgaming
Mega Fortune NetEnt
Hall of the Gods NetEnt
Age of the Gods Playtech
Divine Fortune NetEnt

A Word to the Wise

Whilst you will always have a chance, albeit a small one of winning a randomly awarded jackpot when playing any slots offering one, you should never become too obsessed with winning one of them. For by focusing solely on that every rising jackpot you may lose any sense of reality and that will often lead a player to over spend!

Gamble responsibly, always.

Here's how to avoid getting obsessed with winning jackpots:

  • Set yourself a maximum limit.
  • Never exceed your random jackpot limit.
  • Look at the progressive jackpot as an added bonus.
  • Random jackpot slots do not guarantee a win to every player.
  • Huge jackpots occur only once in a while.

In other words, you are not guaranteed to win by playing the same slot game repeatedly.

Conclusion – Are Casino Slots Really Random?

At the end of the day, slots – online or land-based – are man-made items. In other words, slots can have faults. Whilst in most cases slots are completely random

Just make sure to play exclusively in licensed and regulated online casinos.

If you suspect that a casino slot isn’t generating random outcomes, let the operator know. Contact customer support right away and tell them your concerns. That way, they’ll be able to look into it and either fix or remove the machine completely.



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