Pros and Cons of Playing Multi Wheel Roulette

Pros and Cons of Playing Multi Wheel Roulette

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April 27, 2014

Pros and Cons of Playing Multi Wheel Roulette

Quite a number of online casinos have chosen to offer their players a brand new way of playing Roulette and this is by offering the game of Multi Wheel Roulette. This game allows players to place wagers on not just one standard, single zero Roulette game but on several of them all at the same time.

Should you enjoy playing Roulette online, then you hopefully are aware that each different variant offered comes with a different house edge, and by playing any variant which offers one single zero on the wheel such as European or French Roulette as opposed to the American Roulette games which boast two zeros you will be getting an increased chance of winning over the long or short term!

In this article we are going to enlighten you on the pros and cons of playing Multi Wheel Roulette so you can make up your own mind whether to give this game a try when you next see it being offered at the online casino at which you are playing at!

How to Play Multi Wheel Roulette

As mentioned above when you opt to give the Multi Wheel Roulette games a try you will be able to place your wagers on the outcome of more than one wheel at a time, Microgaming for example have recently launched a six wheel Roulette game which is known as their Gold Series Multi Wheel Roulette game.

The one aspect of choosing to play this or in fact any other software providers version of this game is that for every wheel that is spun during a single game played, when you place a bet on for example the number 9, then you have to place a wager six times as large as your chip value.

For example if you have your chips set at values of 1.00 and you place a bet on number 9 to be spun in then that bet is going to cost you 6.00 in total, and that bet will cover number 9 spinning in on any of the six wheels.

If one of the wheels has number 9 spinning in  then you are paid out at the usual odds of 35 to 1, so your 1.00 wager on that individual wheel will turn into a payout of 36.00, should two number 9’s spin in on different wheels then you are paid out winnings of 72.00.

If all six wheels has number 9 spinning in on them then you will win a payout of 36.00 x 6 which is of course 216.00. This will lead you to ask the question if you do decide to play Multi Wheel Roulette online what if any are the benefits to be had out of playing it and the one benefit we can see is that you could both win or conversely lose six times as quickly as when playing a single wheel variant of the game instead!

Whether that is reason enough to play this game is open to debate for even though your could, with a little bit of luck win six times quicker you may just as easily lose six times as quickly! For reference the area of the Roulette Wheel covered on each single wager is the same as on any other European Roulette variant.

Stakes and Payouts

The chips value settings when playing most Multi Wheel Roulette games are a little more varied than when you are playing a single wheel variant, and as such you will find that on most versions of this game you can set your chips lower than the usual 1.00 values.

The payouts awarded for every single type of bet you can place on the Multi Wheel Roulette game are identical to those found on the European Roulette game and as such this game plays out to a house edge of 2.70%

You will earn comps when playing this version of Roulette online for real money just like you do when you are playing any other Roulette game. However, do be aware that when you have been credited with any type of casino bonus, as is always the case, you might not be able to play it with a bonus, each casino will have their own rules in place on playing Roulette games with a bonus so always do read through them to be sure you can play this game with any bonus granted to you!


Having read the above, you will probably not be that interested in playing any type of Multi Wheel Roulette game, due to there being no noticeable increase in the payouts, and there being no significant decrease in the house edge on these types of casino table games.

What would have been a good idea is for some of the game designers to offer players a range of special bonus type wagers, on which you could bet on whether one number would appear on more than one wheel per spin.

However, as yet we have yet to see any Multi Wheel Roulette game offering any type of bonus payout or bonus betting opportunities  and as such you are much better off stick to the French Roulette games which have an even lower house edge than this variant.

The house edge on French Roulette is just 1.35% and that is a much better variant of Roulette to play and one that will give you a much better chance of winning, or at the very least, lower your overall risk of losing!

We have recently added a guide to playing this low house edge variant of Roulette and as such we invite you to take a look at our French Roulette Betting Locations in English Guide which will show you the many different uniquely named bets that can be placed on the French Roulette game.



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