Pros and Cons of Not Playing with a Casino Bonus

Pros and Cons of Not Playing with a Casino Bonus

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August 2, 2014

Non bous play in casinos online

Once you have played at an online casino and have taken advantage of a bonus offer, you generally will become accustomed to claiming and using them and will possibly start to hunt around to see if there are any new player bonuses being offered at different casino sites.

However, if you do take advantage of a bonus and either fall foul of the terms and conditions attached to that bonus, or you start playing with the bonus and win big at an early stage in the session and then are forced to have to carry on playing until you reach the play through requirements of the bonus, you can often be put off using a bonus in the future, more so if you end up losing the profits gained at the start of a bonus playing session by having to play until you have exceeded the play through requirements!

So today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of playing at any online casino but without claiming any bonuses. Whilst you may enjoy the extended play time you can get with a bonus there are actually more benefits to be had by not accepting one, and below we will take a look at these benefits.

Play with No Game Restrictions

When you accept a casino bonus you will more often than not find that you have to stick to playing only a certain number of games and as such will not be given free reign in the casino to play any games that you may want to play.

So the first most obvious benefit of playing without a casino bonus in your account is that you can play any game what so ever, and will be able to play that game for as long as you want to play it for with no restrictions in place what so ever!

You will often find that progressive games can never be played with a casinos bonus and should these be the types of games that you enjoy playing then never be tempted to take a casino up on their bonus promotional offers as 99 times out of 100 you will find you will never be allowed to play progressive games with any bonus in your account!

No Maximum Stake Limits

One fairly recent development in regards to online casino bonuses is that a lot of them have started to have special rules added to the terms and conditions which will stake that a player is only ever allowed to play casino games for a certain stake level when they have a bonus in their account.

So even if you have claimed an enormous bonus you may find that the maximum amount you can wager on any single casino game could only be a few Dollars, Euros or Pounds. The major benefit of playing without a casino bonus in your account is that you can play any casino game offered for any stake level you choose.

Cash Out Whenever You Like

There is also one other very important benefit to be had by playing at an online casino without a bonus in your account, and that is that you are going to be able to make cash outs at any time during your gaming session.

Be aware that most casinos may impose a special rule as part of their anti money laundering procedure that states you have to play your deposit amount through at least once, however as soon as you have done so you can then freely withdraw any winnings from your account at any time.

As every single bonus you will come across online will have a strict set of play through requirements, that will mean when you have claimed a bonus you are going to be forced to play through your bonus cash and in most cases also your deposit amount dozens of times before you can withdraw anything from your account.

As mentioned above it you manage to win big at a very early stage of your playing session when you have a bonus in your account, being forced to carry on playing to meet the play through requirements can often see those winnings quickly diminish and get eaten away by the play through requirements.

You are far betting off playing without a bonus if you want to have the maximum freedom when playing at any online casino site, for if you do win big when you have only just started your playing session you will quite easily be able to cash out your winnings there and then!


Please do think long and hard before taking any online casino up on any promotional bonus offers that they have available, for the bonus rules will be written in such a way that you really will not be getting the maximum value out of claiming them, and any bonus that you will come across will still have a house edge!

One other thing to be fully aware of is that many casinos are in fact owned and operated by one company and as such with several casinos under their control these companies may have very strict rules which will state that you are not permitted to claim sign up welcome bonuses from more than one of their online casino sites.

Many players have fallen foul to this rule, and it is therefore very important that you read any bonus rules and terms and conditions and find out which casinos belong to which companies, for it is often quite easy for you to innocently sign up to a couple of casinos owned by the same group and claim welcome bonuses at those sites, and if you do and they have strict bonus rules in place you could find any winnings you make being voided by the casino!

If you have got used to claiming bonuses on every single deposit you make in a casino site, then have a few sessions without claiming a bonus for by doing so we think you may enjoy the freedom offered by non bonus play!



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