Test Your Skills with the Most Exciting Blackjack Ever – Evolution Gaming’s Power Blackjack [VIDEO]

Test Your Skills with the Most Exciting Blackjack Ever – Evolution Gaming’s Power Blackjack [VIDEO]

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May 25, 2020

How to Win at Power Blackjack

Evolution keeps mesmerizing us with phenomenal releases. Having just talked about Crazy Time, we expected the live casino supplier would settle for promoting that one for a while. But that’s not how Evolution Gaming rolls.

Power Blackjack is a 2020 refurbished classic live casino release with potent, multiplier-loaded side bets.

Revamping classic games is not unfamiliar to Evolution. On the contrary, that seems to be the mission of the company in 2020.

Learn all about Power Blackjack strategy review in this article.

Here’s what you'll read about:

What Is Power Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Power Blackjack Evolution Gaming Best Tips

Power Blackjack is the newest member of the live Twenty-One family in the lobby of Evolution Gaming.

Just like Infinite Blackjack, the Power version will be playable on Evolution’s Infinite platform. In other words, the familiar gold and blue studio with infinity symbols all over are present in this one, too. Additionally, the Infinite platform also means an unlimited number of players.

The new game is akin to the Infinite variant in other ways, too, so keep reading for the details.

Power Blackjack comes with a house edge of 1.20%, whose importance will be discussed further in the text. Thus the RTP for this live variant is 98.80%.

The new game has multiple side bets and allows players to triple and quadruple down on any two cards. The other rules are pretty much standard.

RTP-wise, this is a better player game than Free Bet Blackjack (98.45%). Power Blackjack also has more volatility, so there’s that.

How is Evolution Gaming Power Blackjack Different from Others?

The uniqueness of Power Blackjack is not just in the name.

The most significant feature that we see in the Power option lies in the number of power cards. From the Power Blackjack shoe, Evolution took away all the 9s and 10s. That means 64 fewer cards than in standard variations of Twenty-One.

Secondly, the croupier deals one hand for millions of players worldwide. Each of those participants makes the decisions for themselves. In other words, other players’ choices do not affect your results.

As we stated, on any two cards, you can easily double, triple or quadruple down. What’s more, you can triple or quadruple even after a split. Also, the dealer can stand on a soft 17.

On account of these extra features, the RTP had to suffer, but let’s see what that means for the player.

The Visuals

This potent live dealer action takes place at a blue felt-covered table. Situated in the same studio as its predecessor Infinite, Power Blackjack is taking the graphics a step further.

The casino studio has been renovated and tinted royal blue. The familiar infinity symbol dominates the room, splattered on both the walls and the felt.

However, the ambience is similar to that in Infinite Blackjack. The game is relatively slow-paced with sufficient time to make a decision.

How to Play Power Blackjack

The betting range in Power Blackjack covers values from $1 up to $5,000. The scope gives you a broad selection of bet amounts. Hence, even if your wallet is not stuffed, you’ll be able to play at least a couple of rounds.

Before you place your bet, you should know that you’re not playing with 8 full decks in the shoe. No, in Power Blackjack, all 9s and 10s have been removed. As a result, there are 64 fewer power cards available. So instead of playing with 208 cards, you are left with 176 power cards in total.

Obviously, there’s a decrease in the frequency of high-value cards because there's fewer of them.

As the number of cards in the shoe is smaller and there are fewer high-denomination cards, your strategy needs to adapt to the new style of the game.

First things first, you should not go for the basic blackjack strategy. Forget all you know about this method; it just won’t do in Perfect Blackjack. Mathematically, you risk going bankrupt if you follow the basic strategy chart. It would go downhill for you if you adopted the basic strategy.

Instead, utilize Evolution’s Power Blackjack strategy review table. When you open the information bar on the menu, you’ll be able to see the comprehensive how-to. Evolution Gaming has been so kind as to show the players who to conquer the variant the best way.

Evolution’s Strategy Table

Evolution Gaming has provided guidelines on how to play Power Blackjack. Here’s a rundown of the most important rules.

  1. On a pair of 5s quadruple down if the dealer has less than 10. Otherwise hit.
  2. Split a pair of 7s if the dealer has 2-7; otherwise hit.
  3. Always split a pair of 8s.
  4. Never split a pair of 10s.
  5. Split a pair of Ace if the dealer has 2-6 and 8-10; otherwise hit.

Bets in Evolution Gaming Power Blackjack

In Power Blackjack, you play against the dealer. Other players’ hands do not concern you. Your outcome depends on your decisions only.

As always, the main goal is to get to, or as close to, 21 as possible without busting. To bust in blackjack means to go over 21. In turn, you lose.

Every round gives you another chance to make a big decision. Here are the four main bets in blackjack:

  • Hit – To hit is to ask for another card. You’ll likely hit a lot in Power Blackjack as the high-value cards are not s numerous.
  • Stand – Standing means keeping your total as it is and ending the round. In land-based casinos, standing is signalled by waving your hand over the table in front of you.
  • Double – If you double, you get another card. What’s more, your previous bet is doubled.
  • Split – Should you get a perfect pair (cards matching in both suit and number), you can split. You decide to divide your cards into two hands. This bet pays 20x in Power Blackjack.

However, Power Blackjack is a unique variant with four side bets. Take a look at those:

  • Hot 3 – Placing this side bet, you bet on making a high-value combination with your two cards and the dealer’s card. Making 19, 20 or 21 is considered a high-card combo.
  • 21+3 – Otherwise known as Three of a Kind, 21+3 is one of the most popular blackjack side bets. By betting on 21+3, you believe in creating one of the three-card poker hands. That’s done by combining your cards with the croupier’s face-up card.
  • Any Pair – One of the simplest on the market, the Any Pair side bet stands for drawing out a pair of cards. The pair can but doesn’t have to be, suited. The suited pair, however, pays more.
  • Bust It – If you’re confident that the dealer will go bust with 3 cards, you should place a Bust It side bet. In Power Blackjack, multiple payouts are on offer depending on how many cards it takes the croupier to bust. The more cards on the dealer’s side of the table, the bigger your payout.

Check out payout info for each side bet in the payout table below.

How Can I Make a Lot of Money Playing Power Blackjack?

If you’ve played Infinite Blackjack, you’ll have been cognizant of all the available bets in Power Blackjack, too. The rules are rather simple to follow, and the good-looking payouts could easily come your way if you play wisely.

How much Power Blackjack pay largely depends on your best strategy for Power Blackjack. We cannot stress this enough but do not use the basic strategy. Also don’t just double or triple down because you’ll end up 4x down in that case.

This is the Power Blackjack payout table:

  • Blackjack pays at 3:2. The maximum bet amount is $5,000.
  • Best hand – 1:1 (even money)
  • Insurance – 2:1
  • Hot 3 – Pays at anywhere between 100:1 and 1:1
  • 21+3 – Pays from 100:1 down to 5:1
  • Any Pair – 20:1 (suited pair) and 7:1 (pair)
  • Bust It – 250:1 (bust with 8+ cards) down to 1:1 (bust with 3 cards)


Here is how to play Evolution Gaming Power Blackjack:

  1. Place your bet as normal.
  2. The big decision. When it’s time to decide, you’ll have three more choices – Double, Triple and Quadruple.
  3. Multiplication. You’ll get an extra card and your bet will increase accordingly.
  4. Visibility. If you win on a Double Down, the UI will highlight the multiplier.

Pretty straightforward with a spice of side bets – that’s what Power Blackjack is for you.

Where to Play

The official Power Blackjack release date is 4th June 2020.

Therefore, the live dealer game is not yet available to the wider public. You’ll be able to play it very soon, though. Have fun with this article and let the anticipation build up in the meantime.

When it’s time, you’ll be able to play Power Blackjack in all of the following venues:

➡️ Mr Green

Or, try Power Blackjack at Casumo:

➡️  Casumo

Wrap up te journey by logging in with LeoVegas Casino:

➡️ LeoVegas

Try out Power Blackjack in these casinos on June 4th!

Closing Thoughts

Having had a go with Power Blackjack from Evolution Gaming, we’re ready to give your our final impressions.

First off, it’s an admirable release that providers worldwide wished they had developed. That’s just what it feels like. Both visually and technically, Power Blackjack is praise-worthy.

Set in Evolution’s gorgeous blue and gold studio with charming and talkative dealers, Power Blackjack offers a well-rounded gambling experience. You get to enjoy some unique features like side bets and 2x, x3 and 4x multiply options.

However, as with everything, there are some downsides to this beauty. Check out our final rating of Power Blackjack below.

Power Blackjack Pros & Cons

Evolution removed the 9s and 10s out of the deck, and not the Jacks, Queens and Kings. In turn, there are fewer nines and tens in the deck. The move made the game insomuch more exciting, but also riskier and less player-friendly.

In contrast to Evolution’s Live Blackjack, the RTP is significantly lower. Going from 99.28% to a rather poor 98.80% is a big step down for the Latvian provider.

This trait is both good and bad – depending on how you look at it. The gameplay has been made more complicated with it and you have more to lose. Plus, you can’t use the basic strategy to win at this variant.

However, you can play around with Evolution’s strategy table and try to hit the 21 as often as you can. Bear in mind that you have to play Power Blackjack for real money, as this is a live casino game. Live dealer titles are not available in demo mode.

Finally, you’ll need a solid bankroll to afford this variation. So, Power Blackjack is not for every type of player but we recommend it to seasoned gamblers with plenty of experience.

Here's the official sneak peek into the world of Power Blackjack by Evolution Gaming.



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