Popularity of Low Variance Casino Card Games Growing

Popularity of Low Variance Casino Card Games Growing

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January 21, 2014

Why Are Low Volatility Casino Games Popular?

It may have something to do with the fact that we are all going through some financially difficult times, or simply due to the fact that you can play online for longer, but there is no escaping the fact that low variance casino card games are growing in popularity and getting a lot of attention from players.

There are plenty of benefits of playing low variance casino card games in addition to longer playing sessions as you are also able to play them for low stakes.

In this article we are going to take a look at the several different types of low variance casino card games and let you know what is involved if you choose to play them and also we will let you know just what you can win via the unique payouts offered on all of these types of games when playing them online!

Pai Gow Poker the Classic Low Variance Casino Card Game

One casino card game which has been around for many years is Pai Gow Poker, and if there was one game and one game alone which offers a very low variance type of playing structure then it is this game.

In case you are wondering just what low variance means, it is the way a casino game has been designed, you will find low, mid and high variance games, and low variance games have been structured to give players lots of low valued winning payouts due to the game play rules and format and this is how you will get longer playing sessions and more winning opportunities.

Pai Gow Poker is relatively easy to play, it uses a 53 card deck of playing cards with the extra card being a wild joker, and players are dealt out seven cards and the Dealer also receives seven cards, you need to form two hands with these seven cards, one being a 5 card hand and the other a two card hand.

The aim is for both of your hands to beat the Dealers and if they do then you are going to be paid out at even money, if one of your hands beats the Dealers hand and the other one doesn’t then the game is a push.

Due to that simple playing structure you will find you get very long playing sessions with only small swings in regards to winning and losing streaks, and as such this is the perfect casino card game to play when you are looking for a very slow and relaxed type of gaming session online.

Casino War a Fast Paced Low Variance Card Game

Another game which you may be interested in which is another fairly low variance type of card game is Casino War, this really is a simple and very easy to play and understand card game and one that is played with a six standard decks of playing cards.

The way this game is designed is simple, once you have chosen your stake and placed it onto the table then one card is dealt to you and one card to the Dealer, the highest card will win the game!

Should the game end in a tie then a player may surrender half of his original stake or go to war, and this means another stake needs to be placed onto the table and another card is dealt out to the player and Dealer with the highest paying card then being used to determine the winner of the game.

You will get paid out at odds of even money if you beat the Dealers hand on the first card dealt however bonus payouts can be won which are higher in value than even money if you win the hand after the game has ended in a tie and an additional card is then dealt out which matches your original card.

Blackjack Games worth Playing

When it comes to low variance and low house edge Blackjack games there are a number of different variants that you should consider playing, and also plenty of Blackjack variants that you should never look at playing!

Take Playtech powered casino sites, one of the low house edge card games offered in these casino sites is the Blackjack Switch game, this is the lowest house edge of any Blackjack game which means when you are playing it, after of course mastering the rules and putting into play a perfect strategy you should get some quite long playing sessions where your balance will go up and down but not as violently as when playing some other casino card games!

Microgaming has a Classic Blackjack game and the single hand version of this game is the one you should be looking to play when logged into any casino powered by their software. The house edge offered to players putting into play a perfect base game playing strategy is just 0.13% and that ensures you will get plenty of winning hands dealt to you once of course you master the way the game works and plays!


Should you find that you have a reduced or limited gambling budget then the low variance casino card games that are listed above are idea games to play, even more so if you have a bonus in your casino account for the low variance nature of those listed casino card games will often see you making the play through requirements of that bonus.

You will of course need a full understanding of just how each casino card game listed plays and pays, however, we have chosen to list card games that are not overly complicated and you should soon pick up how they work and play without any difficulties.

But always make sure you are allowed to play low variance casino card games with a bonus before starting to play as some casinos may not let you play these types of games! You can also sample the way these games work by accessing them for free and that is probably the best way to get used to how they play at no risk!



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