Playtech’s New Slot Themed Scratchcard Games

Playtech’s New Slot Themed Scratchcard Games

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September 16, 2014

Playtech’s New Slot Themed Scratchcard Games

We do know and fully understand that if you are a regular online casino player, you will, every now and then, get the urge to play a casino game that you may not usually play. There are certainly plenty of different types of games offered at every single casino site and some of the games on offer are not usually associated with casino games.

Take for example the new suite of games you will find in Playtech software powered online casino sites, they have recently launched a range of scratchcard games, but to make them as playable as is possible many of these newly launched games have been given themes identical to some of Playtech’s most played slot games.

Whilst you may not usually be fond of playing scratchcard games we do invite you to have a read through of the following guide, for it will introduce you to some of Playtech’s new and highly playable scratchcard games, all of which have something unique to offer, but more importantly each scratchcard game listed below offers you the very real chance of winning big!

Huge Scratchcard Jackpots

There is one reason why we think you are going to be interested in play the new range of Scratchcard games from Playtech that have been themed and designed around their Marvel Jackpot slot games, and that is much like those slot machines, you can win a huge jackpot payout instantly!

Take for example their recently launched Iron Man 3 scratchcard game, this game is a slightly unusual scratchcard in as much as you will not be hoping to uncover a set of matching symbols once you scratch off its nine panels, instead you will be hoping a line of three Reactor symbols are uncovered.

This reactor symbols must line up corner to corner, diagonally or horizontally, and once you have scratched of those panels and uncovered one of those winning patterns you will be awarded a cash prize which is revealed at the top of the card, and that prize could be a jackpot worth a whopping 10,000.00!

Pick and Match Scratchcard Games

One scratchcard game that we think may offer a very welcome distraction from playing the more usual type of casino games if you find yourself playing at a Playtech powered casino site is the Blade Scratchcard game.

What you will find if you choose to play it is a range of different stake options that are so wide and diverse they will suit all players budgets, and once you have chosen a stake you are prepared to play for then you will be faced with a scratchcard game on which there are a total of nine different panels.

However, when you play this game you are only permitted to scratch off four of the panels, and you will be hoping once you start scratching that three of the symbols you will reveal when scratching off those panels are matching symbols, for if so you will then win the cash prize displayed in the winning zone of the scratchcard game!

A Scratchcard for All Occasions

The range of slot themed Scratchcards is probably going to keep on getting larger and larger as Playtech start to design even more of them, and one game that they have recently made live is their Easter Bunny scratchcard game which is of course themed on the slot game of the very same name.

Should this game catch your eye and you fancy giving it a little play time then you will have lots of different stake options on offer, including a free to play version of the game. Once you set the game into live play you need to scratch off up to all 9 of the panels.

You are simply going to have to see a line of three of the Bunny symbols forming. The lines which will then see you being awarded a winning cash payout are corner to corner, diagonally or horizontally. The prize you will win is going to be displayed in the win box on the card once you have uncovered a lien of matching Bunny symbols.

There are a set of different coloured Egg symbols that you can also reveal as you scratch off the 9 panels on this game, however these have no winning payouts associated with them, and as such it is the Bunny symbols and not the Egg symbols you will be looking to line up!


As mentioned above you may not be instantly attracted to playing Scratchcard games when you are logged into an online casino site. However, it is worth remembering that when playing at a Playtech powered site these type of games are on offer.

You will find as the stake levels can be set very low if you do have a few Euros, Dollars or Pounds left if you account why not give them a little play time, as you never know you could win big! The payout percentages on these scratchcard games for reference are set high, and as such you will not have to put up with poor paying games if you do decide to get stuck into playing them.

Should you want to see for yourself whether they are games which will be worth playing at a later date for real money then you are cordially invited to play these games at any of our featured Playtech casinos via the free play options!

You will also find that many casinos will permit you to use any casino bonuses they have credited to your account on Scratchcard games, and due to the high win frequency of these games, coupled with the high payout percentages then it may be worth playing these types of games with a bonus to help you achieve the play through requirements attached to those bonus offers!



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