Playing the Don’t Pass Bet in Craps – How it Works

Playing the Don’t Pass Bet in Craps – How it Works

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Updated December 8, 2022

Playing the Don’t Pass Bet in Craps – How it Works

Playing craps online may be a complex task for online casino players, but it all becomes easier once you learn to wield the Pass and Don’t Pass craps bets. The Don’t Pass bet is a starting bet available for placing right before the game of craps begins. This wager is the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet and offers even money as a payout.

It is not a bad bet to place, but most players will prefer to bet with the dice instead of against them. Learning about the Don’t Pass bet will offer another option to those that are just getting started and are looking for simple bets at the table.

If you want to learn more about the Don’t Pass craps bet and its many uses, stay tuned. CasinosOnline team has made a comprehensive guide for all players who want to learn more about the craps Don’t Pass bet right here.

What Is the Don't Pass Bet?

We’ll start with the basics: what is the don’t pass craps bet?

The Don’t Pass bet is a starting craps bet placed before the come-out roll. When the shooter gears up for throwing the dice for the first time (come-out roll), all players participating in the game can place a Pass Line or Don’t Pass craps bets.

With craps Don’t Pass wager, players will be betting that the shooter will seven-out before they establish any point number. This bet will win if a 2 or 3 is roller, but a 7 or 11 will lose. A 12 will result in a toe and if appoint is established. The game continues and players betting the Don’t Pass will hope for a 7 before the point is rolled again.

It is similar to the Don’t Come craps bet, as both wager against the player and in favor of the house. Come and Don’t Come wagers are available after the first round, while Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets are available only during the first roll.

Don't Pass Odds, Payoffs, and Probability

Don’t Pass craps bettors are commonly known as punters who like to wager on the ‘wrong’ side, as they are essentially wagering against the shooter. For many punters, this is controversial, as many players would consider it rude to bet against other players at the table. Thankfully, it’s not as controversial in live and online craps games. Games like Evolution Craps Live and Vivo Gaming Live Craps are, after all, streams of actual tables operated by professional dealers who roll the dice. There are also RNG versions where the dice roll automatically or using mechanical arms, not real players.

Odds bets can be placed on any Don’t Pass bet following an established point. The odds will offer no added advantage to the casino. Therefore, it is one of the better betting options.  This bet does have a better probability than the Pass Line bet with the actual odds being 976:949 with a 1:1 payout.  And you can see why many punters hesitate to wager on this bet.  The craps Don’t Pass bet has better winning odds, but it’s betting against the shooter.

Furthermore, if you bet on Don’t Pass craps bet, you will also gain a house edge of 1.36%. The Don’t Pass Odds offer payouts of 1:2 against a 10 or 4, 2:3 against a 9 or 5 and 5:6 against an 8 or 6. These all have 0% house edge, but a Don’t Pass Line bet will be required.

Why and When to Make Don't Pass Bets

This type of bet is one of the highest odds bets available in the game. Moreover, once a point is established, players will enjoy better odds than if they placed a Pass Line bet. Regardless of the point number, there are more chances that a 7 will be rolled before that point number. Since this bet has the lowest house edge, it is a wise, but unpopular bet. Most players will root for the shooter, not against them.

However, there is the fact that in land-based casinos, playing against the shooter can be perceived as a rude act. However, in live craps, nothing is stopping you! You can try any bet you want and no one would judge you as you are not wagering against an actual human being, but rather a machine (as shooters are artificial).

There are a few examples of why players will choose the Don’t Pass bet when playing.

Example 1: With a Pass Line bet, a 12 will cause the player to lose the bet. However, when betting Don’t Pass, this roll will result in a tie and no action is taken.

Example 2: Don’t Pass bets have better chances at wining. A 7 is rolled more often than any other number since there are more combinations on the dice to create that number, thus offering an advantage to those that place this bet.

Where to Play Craps Online?

One of the main things left to discuss now is the place where you can try out this wager. Are you looking for online craps casinos where you can play craps for real money and try the Don’t Pass craps bet? Say no more.

Casinosonline has a collection of the best online casinos where you can try the best craps online games. We recommend reading through our site reviews first to establish whether the casino suits you or not.

If you want to see what kind of bonuses the craps casinos offer, just go to our bonus section and look for craps casino bonuses. We promise you will find a plethora of table game bonuses that you can spend on online and live dealer craps tables.

We also offer a myriad of other casino bonuses, most notably the welcome offers. All casinos you find here are licenced and monitored by esteemed gambling authorities. Our top craps casino recommendations are LeoVegas and PlayOJO, as well as Bao Casino. All three are among the best options when it comes to craps gaming, and if you want to try out the Don’t Pass craps game bet, there are no better places than that.

Final Thoughts

Seeing as this bet does offer the highest odds, it is a good bet to place. However, when playing in a land-based casino, many players will feel uncomfortable gong against the shooter and will seldom place the bet. In an online casino, there will be no negative reactions from others, so it is a great bet to place, and it can win often.

Many players will place the Pass Line bet, so with the Don’t Pass, one will be looking for the exact opposite top happen at the table. The only exception is when a 12 is rolled, which will result in a tie for Don’t Pass bettors. Those that are serious about making some money ate table should consider this bet as they will have better odds since the 7 will occur more often than any other number rolled.


Frequently Asked Questions about craps Don't Pass bets.

  • Can Don’t Pass bets be increased?

This Don’t Pass craps bet is placed prior to the come-out roll. You can wager on craps Don’t Pass bets before the round, but you cannot change the wagering amount. Of course, the bet can be removed, but players cannot increase/decrease the amount of the bet.

  • Can the Don’t Pass bet remain on the table?

As long as there is no win or lose, the bet will remain active. Once a player rolls a 2 or 3, where the Don’t Pass wins or a 7, where the bet loses, the bet will remain in play. After a point is established, the bet loses if the point is rolled and wins if a 7 is rolled. At this time, the bet is taken, or the winnings paid, and a new game begins.

  • What is the Don’t Pass bet?

The Don’t Pass bet is the opposite of Pass line bet. Essentially, you are wagering that the player will not come. If a roll is a 2 or 3, the Don’t Pass bet wins. Meanwhile, rolling a 7 or 11 means the wager is lost.

  • Why should I take odds with don’t pass bets?

Odds bets improve the chances of winning and eliminate the house edge. Taking odds will not improve the Don’t Pass bet but will recue the overall edge over the total that is being wagered.

  • Is the craps Don’t Pass bet a good wager to place?

For beginners, they Don’t Pass bet is a good bet as it offers more chances to win. For example, there are more chances that a 7 will be rolled after a point is established. So even though the bet has negative views from other players, it can be beneficial to the bettor.

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