Why Playing Arcade Games Online is so popular

Why Playing Arcade Games Online is so popular

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February 19, 2014

Why Are Arcade Games so Popular

Arcade games which can be accessed and played at several different online casino sites offer  a unique type of playing structure, as all of the games which are accessible online at various casino sites have been designed around games often found in land based amusement arcades, then there is a lot of fun to be had by playing them.

When you first imagine an Arcade game you may think of game such as Pacman or Space Invaders, if of course you are old enough to remember these classic popular games, however Playtech who are a leading casino game designer have put together a large range of games often found in amusement arcades which can now be played online for real money and these games offer a myriad of different payouts.

To give you an insight into just which Arcade games are now available to play online, we have handpicked some of the most unique and highly playable ones that we think are going to appeal to a lot of players who are seeking something completely different to play when logged into an online casino site, so keep on reading to find just which games are going to offer you a distraction from your usual casino card, table, slot and video poker games!

Easy to Play Heads and Tails Arcade Game

You should not find the Heads or Tails Arcade game too complicated to understand, for it is a simple 50-50 type game on which you are faced with picking the outcome of a toss of an onscreen coin. Simply pick Heads or Tails in the hope the option you chose is the one that gets tossed in.

To make this Arcade game slightly more interesting you will be given the option of tossing just one coin or two coins and a unique set of betting options will then become available to you, as far as quick playing games go this one is really going to appeal to a lot of players who soon want to know whether they have won or lost when playing any casino game!

Soccer Themed Penalty Shoot-Out Game

If you love playing Soccer then fire up your computer and log into a Playtech software powered casino site for when you do you will be able to play their Penalty Shoot Out Arcade game, which offers you the chance of placing a wager on where you think the Soccer Ball is going to land when a Soccer Player has kicked it!

There are several locations where the ball could end up in the back of the Soccer Net, and by choosing the correct location you will be paid out at the odds displayed on screen!

Pop Bingo Arcade Game

Bingo players will soon get the hang of the Pop Bingo Arcade game, for when playing this very unique single player Bingo game you will find all 90 Bingo Balls can be drawn out of the Bingo machine.

The aim of playing this game is to get a winning pattern formed on your purchased Bingo ticket in the lowest number of called Bingo Balls, the sooner you get the winning pattern the greater the amount of winnings you will win.

Rock Paper Scissors

The popular game of Rock, Paper and Scissors is now available to play online, and the aim of this game is for you to outsmart your opponent, you have to choose one of three different hand movements, and depending on which one you and your opponent pick will determine who the winner of each game is.

Remember that when playing this game the Rock beats the Scissors, the Paper beats the Rock and the Scissors beat the Paper hand movements! You will find this is both an entertaining Arcade game and one that some large winning payouts can be awarded to you if you keep on picking the winning hand movement on consecutive games!

Jackpot Darts Arcade Game

One Arcade game that is going to give you plenty of wagering opportunities is the fun to play Jackpot Darts game, now as the name suggests this particular game is based around a game of Darts, and as such you can choose to pick the outcome of a throw of three dice in the hope the locations on the Dart Board you chose are the ones the Darts land in when thrown.

There are plenty of different betting options offered, and as this is a Jackpot paying game then you could win a mega sized winning payout when playing it, if of course those three Darts land in the correct locations on the board!

Hi Low Arcade Based Games

You will find many different Arcade Games online which have a very easy to play and understand type of structure, these games include one called the Genies Hi Low game and when you are playing this game and have picked one of the available stakes to play it for then you are faced with four decisions.

A fan of playing cards will be presented to you and you have to pick one of them to start the game, then four different options are displayed on the screen which are Higher, Lower, Red or Black, and your task is to simply pick one of them in the hope that the next card revealed matches your selection.


You are going to find the biggest collection of Arcade games offered at Playtech software powered casino sites, and when playing these types of games online you will always be able to put any of them that catches your eye through their paces in a no risk, free play option.

Be aware that some casinos will happily let you access and play Arcade Games with their bonus offers, whilst some casinos may restrict these types of game, so do ensure that before you give Arcade games a whirl online if you have a bonus in your account, that you check thoroughly through the terms and conditions of that bonus to make sure playing Arcade games with it is permissible!



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