Play Slot Games with Sets of Stacked Symbols

Play Slot Games with Sets of Stacked Symbols

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February 21, 2015

Play Slot Games with Sets of Stacked Symbols

To get the chance of forming lots of winning combinations off one single base game spin or via a set of free spins that can be awarded on many online video slot games, you will find that you need to select a range of slots on which a set of stacked reel symbols can be found.

Stacked reel symbols are simply sets of the same reel symbol which have been position on a slot games reel strip one on top of each other, and by designing slots with these types of symbols one on top of each other on the reels it is possible for players to spin in lots of the same symbol on many in view reel symbols on the slot game screen.

This unique reel strip design does therefore give players who are playing every single payline optional offered on any video slot the chance of forming a winning combination on every single one of their in play and activated pay lines when those symbols spin in on each reel.

In fact many slots come with a set stack of jackpot paying reel symbols in play on all five video reels and that mean that when you play those slots should you be very lucky and get all of those jackpot paying reel symbols spinning in on every visible reel position out will in the jackpot multiple times off one single base game spin!

To keep you fully up to date with every single slot game that has these sets of stacked reel symbols below you will find a varied range of slots on offer at our featured Playtech Casino Sites, and you are going to be able to sample the delights of playing any or all of them for free or for real money which is a great way to decide whether you like their very unique playing structures or not!

Best Slots to Play with Stacked Symbols

Let us now list a few slot games from Playtech that are guaranteed to give you a very enjoyable slot playing session, more so thanks to each of them offering a set of stacked symbols in play of their reels.

The first slot which we just know is going to be of interest to many online slot players is the Cat Queen slot, the reasons many players are going to enjoy playing this slot is that it is an Egyptian themed slot. There are 40 optional pay lines that can be put into play and plenty of stacked reel symbols can and will be spun in whenever you choose to play it online!

Playtech do of course have many different Marvel Jackpot slot games on offer when you are logged into any online casino site utilizing their many different online and mobile gaming platforms. If you want to play a slot on which all of the reel symbols are stacked then you need to play the colourful and highly playable Iron Man 2 slot game! Plus when you play this slot you could in at random one of four different valued progressives jackpots instantly!

One of the more recently launched Playtech designed slot games is the Samba Brazil slot, we found this slot to be something of a very high paying slot game thanks to its above average RTP and when playing it lots of stacked wild symbols can be spun in and with its own unique set of expanding wild symbols you could form even more winning combinations when you choose to give it a whirl either for free or for real money!

One final slot game from Playtech on which you are going to find sets of stacked reel symbols is the Wild Game Slot. This is another of their multi line and multi stake slot game son which a high valued payout percentage is attached and those stacked reel symbols can spin in on any of this slot games five video reels.

You will have more than enough winning opportunities if you do decide to give the Wild Games slot game any amount of play time, and thanks to its very unique set of base and bonus game feature you could pick up some huge winning payouts even if you are only playing this slot for very low stake amounts!


There are quite a number of new games coming online which you will find a set of stacked reel symbols on their reels, but do make sure that if you choose to play those slot games online then to get the added winning opportunities that are offered via those special sets of stacked reel symbols you will need to have as many of the available paylines attached to the slot game you are playing live and in play on each and every single base game spin you play off.

If you are the type of  online slot player who only plays a very small number of the paylines offered on any slot game you do play then you will not really benefits from the way those sites of stacked reel symbols can spin in and form.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are going to have an enjoyable slot playing session playing slots offering stacked sets of reel symbols then give any of those slot games listed above a little play time in the no risk demo mode versions of the games offered at each of our feature online casino sites.



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