Planning Your Weekly Online Gaming Sessions

Planning Your Weekly Online Gaming Sessions

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July 28, 2014

How To Plan Your Weekly Gaming Sessions

You have to become something of a strategic type of gambler if you want to get the best value out of your gaming budget, and if you like to have a small gamble each day of the week or just on selected days then it will pay dividends for you to have a weekly gaming schedule.

In today’s gaming guide we are going to look at how you can plan ahead to ensure you always have the maximum winning chances, by picking up and taking full advantage of the many different Daily Casino Bonuses that you will find offered at all if not most online casinos!

So below we have a step by step type of guide that will enable you to plan your gaming sessions well in advance, and hopefully, if everything falls into place, you may start to have repeated winning sessions, or maybe just some extended playing sessions!

Setting Your Gaming Budget

The first thing you should do if you are planning on playing at one or more casinos during the course of the week is to first set aside a gaming bankroll. Once you know how much you have available, and always set aside funds that you can afford to lose, split that bankroll up into equal amounts.

So if you have a 100.00 gaming budget and are planning on having four sessions this coming week then allocate 25.00 to each session. It really is important that you stick to these limits, for if you go mad and overspend then you will obviously not have enough in the kitty for any additional gaming sessions!

Choosing Your Games and the Casinos at Which to Play

You will now need to decide in advance just which type of casino games you wish to play. If you enjoy playing video poker for example then do some research and locate the Video Poker Games with the Best Pay Tables for by doing so you will be playing the games which offer you the best winning chances thanks to increased payout percentages.

If you enjoy playing slot games then make sure you Get an Understanding of Slot Game RTP’s, for by doing so you will be able to instantly spot the slot games offering you the highest payout percentages and therefore the best winning chances!

Once you know the casino games you wish to play then you now need to find an online casino at which to play those games. This is going to take some research for you also need to find a casino that is offering you the best valued casino bonuses on the days you are planning on playing.

Locating the Best Valued Bonuses

There are not going to be a shortage of casinos offering you a bonus, but be aware that there are many casinos that have Predatory Bonus Terms and Conditions, and what may appear like a very generous bonus offer initially, may not be as good a bonus when you take a look through the terms and conditions of that bonus.

You will, at the end of the day, want to end your session in profit if you can, and this will mean not only playing the best paying games as described above, but if you have opted to take a bonus you want to take advantage of those that offer the best value with low play through requirements and no maximum cash out limits in place!

You could spend an hour or two tracking down the best valued bonuses and those with the fairest terms and conditions attached to them, but believe us it will be time well spent! If you think a bonus is too good to be true then it probably is, so go through any and all terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb and if you do not like anything that you find in those terms then never take those bonuses!

Set a Limit and Stick to it!

Finally make sure that you always have limits set on both the amount of cash you are prepared to lose on any one single session and also have in mind a sensible amount of cash that you would like to win.

When you have reached your winning goal or if things haven’t gone that well and you have made a loss and have reached the amount of loss you have pre-planned then stop playing, so as to either end up with a locked in profit or to limit any further losses!

The best type of casino players are those who know their limits and are always prepared to walk away when they have won or have lost. You will never get any enjoyment out of gambling in any shape or form if you always lose when playing, and that is what will happen if you do not put in place some limits!


There really is quite a lot involved when you want to become a much more structured type of gambler, and whilst gambling on any type of casino game will involve an element of risk, if you always know in advance your limits, and how to maximize your gaming budget you should have much more fun, longer playing sessions and possibly many more winning sessions, or at the least sessions where you do not bust out completely!

If you have never pre-planned your weekly gambling activities then why not give it a try for a week or two, we are more than confident that when you do you will find you get a much more enjoyable type of gaming experience, and one that will allow you to have several sessions per week instead of playing just one boom or bust type of session, which many players tend to do!



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